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Chas n Chuck's Didn't Suck Accessories

Our Travel Recommendations

Nice 4 Piece set for travel
at a very competitive price. 
Checked bag, carry on bag,
boarding tote, and an
accessories travel bag.
Chuck's favorite
lightweight raincoat. 
Fits easily into a
backpack or tote bag
and has a hidden hood.
Chuck's favorite backpack
(cost vs. quality) for camera equipment, notepads, chargers,
etc.  Also easily fits the above
raincoat and a laptop.
Inflatable pillow for public
transit travel.  Love this for
longer flights or red-eye's. 
Great if your neck gets too hot
from the normal donut looking
travel pillow.
Very powerful portable power
bank to charge your electronic devices.  Anything from Android, Iphone, or anything else that
takes a USB adapter.
18 outlet power strip that 
also has USB ports alone.
This is perfect for anyone 
who needs to charge a lot
of electronics.
2 Liter water bottle
backpack that can also
hold your smaller items
while hiking or traveling
between locationsor on
the beach that saves quite a
few $$ over the Camel-Pak
1TB external hard drive 
to store all of your important
photos, videos, documents, 
etc.  A great price for this much

Our Culinary Recommendations

Both Chas and Chuck use a
model very similar to this
air fryer!  A great blend of
cost and effectiveness!
Great immersion blender for
the price that comes with good
attachments and a 2 year warranty
Chef Chuck's undisputed
#1 choice for best rubber
spatula on the market. The 
"Million Dollar Tool" got it's name
for a reason!
Price vs. value, one of the
best processors on the market. 
12 cups and doubles as a
wide mouth vegetable shredder.
When a large cup isn't necessary,
check out this 3 cup processor.
Great for dicing veggies or 
pureeing items like roasted garlic