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Where to "B" in New ORLEANS

Updated: May 14, 2020

Mr. B's Bistro in the heart of the French Quarter is not a meal to skip over when spending time in the Big Easy!

Mr. B's BBQ Shrimp New Orleans Didn't Suck

Through our time in New Orleans we spent a lot of our meals in a very diverse array of settings. From finger foods at the French Market to casual and #delicious meals at Chef Ron's Gumbo Stop to a nice formal sit down meal at the magnificent Mr. B's bistro on #Royal Street in the French Quarter. Mr. B's is known most for their signature dish, the BBQ shrimp (which we will talk more about in a bit). This restaurant is owned by the Brennan family which also owns 12 other restaurants, one being the world famous Commander's Palace. At Commander's famous chef's such as Emeril Lagasse and Paul Prudhomme rose to stardom. Mr. B's is an atmosphere that feels formal without feeling stuffy if you know what I mean. You do not need to be wearing a coat and tie, but the staff will be, and they'll be serving food fit for a coat and tie establishment. A really nice touch was there was a partially open kitchen here, so we could see our entrees being prepared.

I probably looked to other tables like a homeless person having their first meal in weeks...and I was perfectly okay with this."

Not much to say by way of starter's and beverages on this trip to Mr. B's. We were not incredibly #hungry so we decided to roll right into the house baked bread and butter and wait for our entrees to arrive. I did have an #Andygator from the local Abita Brewery though. We had actually visited Abita earlier in the day and checked out their facility and had some flights to try out some of their offerings. I have been drinking their "Purple Haze" and

Abita Andygator Didn't Suck

"Amber" for a long time but had never tried any others. Andygator is a Helles Doppleback that is 8%ABV. A strong beer, but with gator in the name, are we surprised?! Nice clean and crisp taste...very light and refreshing.

Dinner is Served!

Both Chas and I ordered the house specialty, the BBQ #Shrimp! Ironically this dish has quite literally nothing to do with BBQ whatsoever. This is a sauteed head-on shrimp dish that has a major amount of butter with some Worcestershire and cracked black pepper throughout. This velvety butter broth is seriously divine and I used probably half a loaf of their house baked bread just soaking up the remains once I was done with the shrimp. The shrimp themselves were cooked absolutely perfectly and were covered in more than enough sauce. This dish is so serious that the servers will come around and put a paper bib on you prior to serving the dish to be sure your clothing is protected. He did not ask...he just did. One second I was thanking him for bringing it over, the next he was tying it behind my head.

I am not someone who typically sucks out the remains of the shrimp once I #peel off the head...but today I was. I didn't want to pass on any of this insanely #flavorful broth!! I

Get Your Bib Mr. B's Bistro NOLA

sucked out the heads, the tails, sucked on the outside of the shell...I didn't care one bit. I probably looked to other tables like a homeless person having their first meal in weeks...and I was perfectly okay with this. This was by far one of the best #shellfish dishes i've ever had. After I used bread to soak up most of the remaining stock, i then just used one prong of my fork over and over while trying to guess everything that was used to make it. I think I was pretty close too when Chas let me know that they have a #recipe book and I could just find out that way. *FacePalm*

Mr. B's scores higher than that

We got lucky and got a late table at Mr. B's, and i'm so happy we did. Normally you cannot get in as late as we tried but the universe must have been on our side that night. Chas had been here before with Sylvia and wanted me to be able to see for myself why they enjoyed it so much. The message was easy to read, this place is a winner. Mr. B's Bistro - Didn't Suck!

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