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What’s Wrong with Old MEXICO? Some time in LAS CRUCES

Updated: May 14, 2020

Delicious meal at La Posta de Mesilla and an awesome dessert at Caliche's!

Las Cruces New Mexico Didn't Suck

While on a work trip to El Paso, Texas we decided since we were only roughly 30 miles from Las Cruces to take a drive for some dinner and dessert! After doing a little jumping around on the InterWebz, Chas found two locations he felt would be a good addition to the page. Naturally, after consulting with my stomach, I agreed and off we went!

First stop was a nice little #restaurant called "La Posta de Masilla". This was in a cool little town that was all adobe style buildings that looked to have been standing there a century or

La Posta De Mesilla Las Cruces New Mexico Didn't Suck

so. There was a small #Aviary and some fish tanks with some exotic varieties of fish in the waiting area by the podium. A lot of really nice artwork on the walls as well promoting the 80+ years they have been in service. There was a small taproom style area and multiple dining room areas.

They had a pretty decent selection of cerveza's from Mexico so I decided to go that route and got a "Bohemia". Chas and Val got themselves #Sangria Margarita's which were exactly what they said...a basic frozen margarita with house sangria swirled through. We shared the Fiesta #Nachos as an appetizer and I was pretty happy with them. Honestly, nothing that I would have made a very big deal, but much better than most Nachos offered by most restaurants. The shredded beef on them seemed to be either marinated in green #chiles, or cooked with them. Packed a bit of a punch but nothing too crazy. If you added some of the homemade salsa to these it was spicier, and delicious! I believe these were in the ballpark of $11 and if you are extra hungry they are definitely worth a look, but if you are just normal #meal time hungry...there is A LOT of food on some of these entree's.



Carne Adovada Las Cruces New Mexico Didn't Suck

So this dish was like a New Mexican beef stew. It was listed as a traditional New Mexican dish on the menu and I wanted to try something authentic to the area. The #meat was extremely tender, just fell apart in your mouth. The sauce was good...a tomato and pepper kind of sauce that was very thick. Not a ton of spice, but a good amount of seasonings. I was very surprised by the refried beans here as well. I have had them many times before but maybe only a handful of times in my life did I enjoy them at all. Good flavor and not 100% mush like most places. For roughly $13 you get a really good amount of home cooked food and an authentic taste of the state's history.


Fajitas La Posta De Mesilla Las Cruces New Mexico

We also had an order of just steak FAJITAS at the table as well, but the meats from these (as well as the onions and peppers) were delicious. The #pico de gallo and #guacamole were also incredibly fresh and well seasoned. It is hard to really say much more about this dish because when fajitas are done properly, all you can say is yum and then tear into them. Very enjoyable. I believe both fajita plates came in around the ballpark of $15 - $16.

Caliche's Las Cruces New Mexico

Last stop in New Mexico was a drive-thru/drive up place serving real frozen #custard. Not the soft serve ice cream type custard you're used to getting when you go to some chain #dessert places that will remain nameless, but the real deal stuff. They were doing some funky things too...I got a sample of custard topped with a sweet/spicy green chile sauce

Custard Las Cruces New Mexico Didn't Suck

and candied pecans. It was good, but I don't know that I could have eaten a whole cup of it. They had many options but I went with a "Caliche" (named after the name of the establishment) which

is the equivalent to a blizzard from another unnamed chain dessert brand. I decided to try out the #banana split variety....and it was awesome. The custard was dense but the flavor was so prominent. I could taste the vanilla of the custard even through chewing up the banana and strawberry chunks. Really quaint and affordable place to stop for a quick sugar fix.

The Verdict is IN

When it comes to La Posta de Mesilla and Caliches's it was simple to see that both establishments brought back a quick and decisive result of ... Didn't Suck!!

Please check out all of our photos from our stops in New Mexico!

For any video content please check HERE.

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