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We're going Caribbean in the Big Easy

If you are in need of a meal in the area of New Orleans that is not creole or Cajun, this is a fantastic choice of a place to try out. The Rum house has excellent drinks, really great food, one single amazing dessert, and the service the few times we've gone has been top notch.

The Rum House New Orleans Louisiana French Quarter

I have had two beverages here. I've had many drinks...but they are all either this one beverage or the other. "The Three Hour Tour" is a house margarita that has a full bottle of Sol tipped upside down in it. At $10 this is a STEAL of a price for this very tasty beverage that hits the spot on a hot Louisiana day. The quality of the margarita is solid too, it's not some gimmicky drink meant to trick a tourist into ordering. "The Funky Monkey" is a frozen beverage that reminds me of being on the cruise ship and visiting so many gorgeous Caribbean locations. This has rum, Kahlua, banana, and I don't even know what else but it's amazing. Especially when you're in New Orleans in the hotter months, there really isn't another beverage anywhere in the Quarter that I would say beats these. The frozen Hurricane at Cochon Butcher is very good, and of course there are all the daquiri and Fat Tuesday type establishments, but these are two top of the line drinks.

The Nachos here are next level. They are massive and have delicious pork, a lime crema that's a really nice touch, and fresh jalapenos (amongst other vegetables). The fresh jalapeno is a big one for me, they're just so much better than the pickled, jarred variety. If it's only you and one more person, you genuinely could probably both get full sharing an order of these. The last time we were there we had three people eating and them and almost didn't order entrees. They are properly labeled as "Damn Good Nachos" on the menu.

Damn Good Nachos The Rum House New Orleans Louisiana

We tried a variety of tacos here and not a single one was regretted. Some were better than others (we all loved the crispy fish and chili glazed shrimp) but they were all very good. They have one named after Drew Brees that has French Fries on it! Lots of creative and different samplings to choose from. The sampler seems to be the way to go so you can select 4 different ones. The sweet plantains were a nice side to this and we ordered the Mac and Cheese as our other side based on our servers recommendation and it was excellent. Also, the little beef patty they send out with the taco sampler was excellent. It reminded me more of an Indian flavor than a Spanish flavor, but tasty regardless.

The dessert...THE dessert...is the Key Lime Pie. If you think you've ever had the best key lime pie of your life before, come here and let them prove you wrong. I'd eat this 7 days a week. The mix of sweet, tart, crunchy, smooth...it's just all fantastic. It is nearly the perfect ending to a delicious meal with excellent drinks.

Do not make the mistake of missing this stop when you're in the Quarter. It will be a mistake indeed. The Rum House - Didn't Suck!

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