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We got Beef....at Grattin Dog

When visiting the Orlando area it can be overwhelming searching for a place eat at times. If you can think of a chain restaurant that exists, odds are there is at least one in the area. Add in the privately owned businesses and you've got a big board the size of some smaller countries. Grattin Dog is a small spot in a little strip mall in the parking lot of a gas station. Sounds like a potentially sketchy place for a meal? Uhm...maybe think again.

Triple burger fries apple soda grattin dog orlando florida altamonte springs

The little spot had a few stools to sit at and there was outdoor seating. The owners seemed very friendly and they were helpful with suggestions and explaining items on the menu. The name of the business is Grattin Dog but by the owners' suggestion, we ended up getting some burgers. I also had a fun apple soda that was imported so that was cool.

The burgers were excellent. Clearly hand-pattied as you can see by the photos and very good quality meat. They didn't look great visually necessarily as far as symmetrical, but the flavor was excellent. They even had one with the cheese cooked to the outside of the bun and a fried egg inside. They all had this little potato stick type things on them as well which were super tasty. This video also was one of our best performing on TikTok haha.

The price was solid, the people were nice, and the food was excellent. Zero reason why anyone shouldn't want to come here if they enjoy burgers, dogs, and fries. Grattin Dog - Altamonte Springs, Florida - Didn't Suck!

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