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To Easton we drove, to try out Clove

In the last two years or so I have gotten a lot more into Indian food. So much so that I've had Indian food in probably twenty-five different places across ten states. For me it always becomes a "taste vs. value" situation and in some cases, Indian food can be quite expensive and will only be as good as the last place which was potentially cheaper. At Clove Fine Indian Cuisine, this wasn't the case. The prices were solid and so was the food. BYOB for anyone wondering, but there is beer sold in the gas station next door.

Clove Fine Indian Cuisine Easton Pennsylania

We started with some Keema Naan which was very good. The lamb was seasoned well and had a nice consistency. Sometimes at other places the lamb will be so ground that it is like eating a paste, this was ground but still had some body to it. I'd order this here again for sure.

The Chicken Tikka Masala to be perfectly honest is fairly standard compared to a lot of places we have been. The sauce had a very mild heat and a nice creaminess to it and the chunks of chicken were tender and tasty.

Chicken Tikka Masala at Clove Fine Indian Cuisine in Easton Pennsylvania

The Lamb Biryani was solid, but didn't have the depth of flavor that a lot of biryani's I've had before. I enjoyed it and I would get it again, but I have had much better biryani's. Also the addition of peas was new to me. Didn't love or hate that, just different.

The Seafood Vindaloo was a minor miss for me. If we had just gotten shrimp vindaloo I believe I would have really enjoyed it but some of the other seafood just made it a bit mushy and kind of lackluster. The sauce was very good and had nice spice though, so next time I'd get just the Shrimp.

The food was solid, the prices were affordable, and you can bring beer/liquor. Fairly easy one if you ask me...Clove Fine Indian Cuisine in Easton, Pennsylvania - Didn't Suck!

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