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The Twelve Days of "Didn't Suck" - Holiday Suggestions!!

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Ho Ho Holy Deals Batman! Check out our suggestions here for 12 gifts that can be useful to not only that blogger on the go that you love so dearly, but nearly anyone. Some tech, some for the time spent on the move, and some just because we love them...this list is sure to satisfy!


Day 12 - We open this one up with something useful for nearly anyone in your life, and for under $13, a real bargain! *Please click on the image to see this item for sale

We introduce - The CNPOP Electronics Organizer

With 13 pockets and 5 reusable cable ties, this double layered nylon pouch keeps all of your electronics organized and easily accessible. Store everything including your phone, charging cords, USB drives, and more in separate compartments. Zips shut and fits easily inside your luggage or backpack for easy access to your electronics on the go.


Day 11 - For the 2nd day of our list we bring you an item that no traveler should be without! *Please click on the image to see this item for sale

Here is - The Water Buffalo Hydration Pack

This compact backpack holds 2 liters of water to keep you hydrated on the go. The padded, ventilated straps make this hydration pack perfect for hikers, cyclists, runners, and more and with 4 color choices, everyone will be pleased. Convenient clips keep the water tube within reach and there is plenty of space in the backpack to store your wallet, keys, phone, or anything else you may need as well.


Day 10 - Here on our 3rd day we are dropping something both Chas and Chuck use quite frequently. Because of the constant changing prices on this item this is not the exact model we purchased, but extremely similar. The one we have has shot up to over $125 and we found this very similar model for you for considerably less! *Please click on the image to see this item for sale

Check out - The New House Kitchen 6.8 Qt. Air Fryer

This extra-large capacity air fryer is perfect for preparing food for the whole family. Temperature adjusts from 175-400*F to cook a variety of foods. The 60-minute timer, and auto shut off features make things easy and carefree. The removable basket is dishwasher safe for easy clean up! Both Chas and Chuck use theirs almost every day for a wide variety of meals and snacks for their families. For under $80, you cannot beat this deal, jump on it quickly


Day 9 - Today's item is one of Chuck's favorite things and for under $11 is an absolute steal. This one keeps me moving with juice flowing to my most important electronic devices and has an awesome battery life and works with any usb connector

Here is - The Aibocn Power Bank

This portable power bank is the perfect gift for anyone in your life--including yourself! It has 2 USB ports to charge all your devices and features an LED flashlight which can certainly come in handy at night. The compact design makes it easy to take with you anywhere and will charge any device at high speed. Three color choices and a fantastic price point make this a no brainer. Chuck and his girlfriend both use theirs every day and have had many friends purchase this charger and they love it as well.


Day 8 - Another big one for Chuck, this raincoat/windbreaker style coat is excellent for when it isn't super cold but you need protection from the elements. Comes with a hood that you can roll up and hide under the collar and zip up pockets to protect items from rain. Also easily rolls up for saving space in a suitcase or backpack.

This is - The Columbia Glennaker

These nylon zip-up jackets are perfect for rainy days. They are lightweight and compact which makes them great for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors in unpredictable weather. Featuring Columbia’s waterproof Hyrdroplus technology, these coats will keep you dry in the nastiest of weather. There are many color options to choose from.

Please also check out this comparable version for women!


Day 7 - This item has saved us quite a few times now from being stranded or needing to throw on a "donut" to travel just a few miles. Has also made our kids happy by being able to fix their bikes/sports equipment on the fly!

Pump it up - AUTOGEN Portable Air Compressor

This 12 Volt, 120 PSI air compressor is a fantastic gift idea for anyone owns anything with wheels! This compressor has an LED flashlight and digital display which can be read in the dark or in the sun. There is also an auto shut off safety feature that prevents over inflation, which can be dangerous. The unit plugs right into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter/power outlet and features a cord long enough to reach all four tires as well as items outside of the vehicle. There are three extra nozzles included which can be used to inflate air mattresses, pool floats, sports balls, and more. Chuck keeps his in his vehicle at all times and has used it for his car tires on the road as well as his kids’ bikes, and outdoor toys.


Day 6 - This is in Chuck's opinion the perfect backpack for someone who is blogging or traveling with electronics. The cost vs. value for this item is unreal.

See it for yourself - The Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack

This backpack is one of Chuck’s favorite purchases! There is a USB charging port and a headset port as well as a separate compartment to hold a laptop. The water-resistant fabric will keep all of your electronics and other belongings safe inside. The anti-theft design and password lock will put your mind at ease when traveling with your valuables. Backpacks are a great gift for just about anyone in your life and with six color choices, this one will be a hit.


Day 5 - This one is pretty freaking nifty and comes in under $13. Check it out!

Here is - The Universal Airplane Phone Mount

This universal phone mount is great for taking on the go-anywhere! With 360-degree rotation, you can view your screen vertically or horizontally. It is great to use when flying but can also be attached to your luggage handles, gym equipment and more as well as sat on a desk or tabletop to prop your phone up for optimal viewing. The mount is compact and lightweight and compatible with any phone.


Day 4 - Really useful kitchen tool that has many different uses. You could eliminate a small food processor, electric whisk or hand mixer, and blender with this tool!

Check out the - Wancle Hand Immersion Blender

This 16 speed, stainless steel immersion blender is perfect for any foodie or home chef! There is a 4-in-1 multi-functional attachment including 500ml chopper, 600 ml mixing beaker, blender, and egg whisk. This blender is easy to use, easy to clean and made well enough to last for years. Chuck just received this exact blender for his birthday and has already made good use of it!


Day 3 - For the lover of fun items comes some items to brighten up the life of your kitchen! All of these sets have different links so just click the photos and off you'll go!

These funny kitchen towels are fantastic for anyone who enjoys food or wants to spruce up their kitchen! They come in sets of 4 with funny prints and sayings to brighten any home. The terrycloth towels are machine washable and measure 16 x 23.5 in.


Day 2 - Wow our list is almost complete! Chas and Chuck bought these for their trip that was planned for Shanghai China, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and Singapore and unfortunately that trip was cancelled due to covid so we didn't get to use them, but a killer item to have either way.

Universal travelers need - Castries Universal Travel Adapter

If you have an international traveler in your life, this is the gift to get! Applicable in more than 200 countries and featuring 4 USB ports, plenty use will be made of this handy gadget.


Day 1 - The end of the countdown list brings one of the most useful purchases we've made. Both Chas and Chuck own one of these and use it religiously!

Here it is - The POWSAF Surge Protector

Possibly the most useful item on this list, everyone should own this power strip. Featuring 18 outlets and 3 USB ports for all of your electronics. Both Chas and Chuck have owned this one for a while now and have it constantly in use. It has a 6-foot, heavy duty extension cord so you can place it almost anywhere. Safety features ensure that the power strip will not get hot and will not overload your circuits.


*These are affiliate links and we do get a small commission if you decide to purchase from our links. We use and stand by each product listed and these are at no additional cost to you than if you bought them direct from the companies themselves, you would just be helping distribute a little of the profit to us by purchasing via these links

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