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The Best NY Deli...in NJ

Harold's has a huge place in my heart, and I don't mean that solely because the food here is massive. Chas and I first came here with his late wife who I cared about very dearly so that will always be a memory for me when talking about Harold's.

Harolds NY Deli Edison NJ

The food here is gigantic, yes, but it's always very high-quality food. The knish that looks like half a basketball, has insanely tasty mashed potato inside. The side of mushroom barley that looks like an entrée has such rich flavor from the mushroom, butter, and I would assume chicken fat or something similar that it's hard to stop eating.

Harold's has a pickle/bread bar which I think is interesting. Lots of tasty breads and rolls, but also many different varieties of pickles. This is a cool way to have a small bite (as if you needed one) while waiting for your meals to arrive.

The vision of the cakes lines up in the coolers on the way into the restaurant is insanity. Picture a cake as tall as your knee, then picture like twelve more same size but all different varieties. If you like Egg Creams, order one here. GIGANTIC and so tasty. All of the sodas are like drinking a 2 liter also. However, the coffee is normal sized. Don't expect a massive coffee with your dessert. They tricked me on that one, haha.

Corned Beef Sandwich Harolds NY Deli Edison NJ

The corned beef sandwich came out and it was just more than words can describe. Enough meat to make probably a dozen or more (large) corned beef sandwiches. The Reuben was even crazier!! It was just a mountain of meats and cheeses. Chas and I together weren't even able to eat half. The flavor though was just excellent. So fresh and it's all made on premises by one of the many employees running around the kitchen.

The cheesecake here is just as good as Juniors. If you know Juniors, then you know that's a big deal. I'd put this against that one for sure.

Herald the Harold's

If you have never been to Harold's, go. Bring your wallet, don't expect this to be cheap, but you'll have leftovers for days. When you break it down to how many meals you can cover with what you've purchased, it really isn't that expensive at all. Harold's NY Deli in Edison, NJ - Didn't Suck!

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