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Thai one on at Thai Thani

Set atop the mountain overlooking the Delaware Water Gap to one Side and Stroudsburg to the other is Thai Thani. This beautiful building with it’s breathtaking scenery and architecture has been a Thai food staple in the Poconos for years. They have a full bar and a very large dining room but on this particular visit Covid-19 was at it’s height of numbers so I grabbed some takeout and headed to another one of my favorite spots, the scenic overlook in Delaware Water Gap.

For todays order I decided to have an appetizer of the Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce, The Pad Thai Drunken Noodles, and a Thai Iced Tea to drink. You can order your food at whatever your desired level of heat is so I decided to go with 4/5 because I know at some Thai places (Indian too) if you go up to level 5 it’s basically challenging them to burn you out. I am a guy who loves my heat, but on this particular day I wanted to taste my food before burning off my taste buds.

After taking a sip of this bright orange, creamy tea I am hit with a blast of sweet. I enjoy sweet, but man this was super sweet. It tasted great, but when I make them at home now I use cream and Splenda over using sweetened condensed milk and it suits me far better. If you love a sweet drink though, this would be right up your alley. You definitely still taste the tea and on a hot day this is very refreshing.

The Chicken Satay was very nice. First thought was that the meat was quite large. I’ve had some satay in the past where it’s a very thin and short strip of chicken breast but these were large and thick cuts of chicken. In saying that though, the meat was extremely juicy still. I could have eaten these without the peanut dipping sauce and it would not have been dry at all. I did really enjoy the flavor of the chicken on its own, but adding that peanut sauce just took it to another level. Would definitely order these again.

The Drunken Noodles had so much flavor! Many different flavors but they all came together so nicely. I decided to just keep it standard and went with chicken as my protein for that also. It’s very hard to describe this dish because it’s not a typical flavor profile. I will say that

Thai Thani uses a wide, flat noodle which I really enjoyed. Some other places use a thinner noodle and I just prefer the heft and mouth feel of the larger ones. The level 4 on the heat is pretty hot. If you aren’t good with heat, I would definitely go lower. I enjoyed it a lot and I do believe next time I will order the level 5 and see the difference.

Thai One On!

We would love to revisit Thai Thani now that indoor dining is mostly back in play because the interior was really very nice and we’d love to check out the bar selection. Enjoyed the few items tried this time around and can’t wait to try some more.

Thai Thani in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania … - Didn't Suck!

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