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Walk off of 2nd Street and into THE GARDEN - Welcome to TEDDY'S

If you’ve ever hoped to find yourself a true down home, small and comfortable, friendly and affordable, “dive” bar…welcome to Teddy’s University. It may look like just a small structure of concrete and a marquee from the outside but inside is a wonderful haven of New York Rangers memorabilia, mouthwatering scents from the kitchen, many televisions all around (depending the time of the year you’re either getting sports or a never ending loop of Christmas Vacation) and many options for adult beverages.

Cheesesteak Teddy's University Stroudsburg Pennsylvania Poconos Foods Travel Tourism Eat Local Delicious Yummy

Many moons ago our local cable provider removed the MSG channel as an option for us and I lost the ability to watch my favorite hockey team play games. At the time I was very into hockey and sports in general and it was a huge blow to me. Someone had mentioned to me that in our very area of the Poconos there was a bar/restaurant that aired all the New York Rangers games and also had some pretty decent food at good prices. This seemed to good to be true. It wasn’t.

Cheesesteak Teddy's University Stroudsburg Pennsylvania Poconos Beer Wings Foods Travel Tourism Eat Local Delicious Yummy

At Teddy’s University you can find extremely competitively priced food and drinks in a warm and comfortable atmosphere with a constant stream of sports all around you. Whether your pick for poison is beer, mixed liquor, shots, or those funky flavored seltzers all the kids are raving about…you can find it at Teddy’s (and more than likely cheaper than anywhere else). They also have very competitively priced food and as far as I’m personally concerned, are the owners of one of (if not THE) best Cheese steak in the area.

The “TU” Cheese steak is honestly one of the best I’ve ever had outside of the city of Brotherly Love. Quality meat, a good amount of cheese, a very good roll, and an awesome pickle. Who can’t get behind that? Starting at $7 (at least at the time of this post) with a very cheap option to add other items (must have those fried onions), this is one of the best deals in the Poconos.

Cheesesteak Teddy's University Stroudsburg Pennsylvania Poconos Wings Beer Foods Travel Tourism Eat Local Delicious Yummy

It doesn’t stop there though. Teddy’s uses breaded wings (which is fairly rare to our area) and serves the sauces on the side, so they don’t get soggy. Many people go there strictly for their love of the wings. There is one wing that you’ll get dressed though if you’re willing to try it! Teddy’s “Wasabi Ginger” wings are an incredible mix of flavors with some chopped wasabi peas over top. They are so good they won a local wing competition four straight years (I know of at least one person voting for them). They also have some large and juicy burgers as well as the locally famous “Three Bite” which is basically in between the size of a slider and a full-on cheeseburger.

The ownership and staff at Teddy’s are also nearly incomparable. That is not to say by any means that other local establishments do not have some excellent owners and staff (because they do), but the team at Teddy’s quite literally always treated me as family from day one. It’s rare to find that kind of dedication to your craft and your customers and that comes from the current owner (Joey) all the way down, and even more importantly, previously taught by the late great Ronnie. Ronnie (Pops) was an all-around great guy who was constantly doing and giving to anyone or thing that needed aid. He mentored many of the current bar/food employees in the Poconos area and his passing last year was a monumental blow to all of the local community. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that his legacy and compassion live on through Joey and all of the “students of the game” that he now mentors himself.

Cheesesteak Teddy's University Stroudsburg Pennsylvania Poconos Burgers Wings Beer Foods Travel Tourism Eat Local Delicious Yummy

Getting Schooled at Teddy’s University!

It’s hard to find something to argue here. From the excellent and fairly priced food and drinks to the warmth and dedication of the staff it’s very clear to see…Teddy’s University in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania - Didn't Suck!

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