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It's time to GLAZE over at STICKY Fingers!

Updated: May 14, 2020

At Sticky Fingers you get exactly what they have branded...some really sticky fingers, at least if you are using their signature sauces they have for you. The BBQ here was only just barely better than all of the side dishes, and that's not to say the BBQ wasn't great, the sides were just THAT good.

Sticky Fingers Brisket and Fried Corn Didn't Suck

Sticky Fingers is a small chain #restaurant that offers true BBQ from a pit. We are not typically one's to run to chain restaurants but when the food is good, the food is good. Chuck's buddy had been telling him to attempt to get to this place for nearly a decade and finally we were in a position to make that happen. Staying overnight in #Chattanooga, Tennessee en route to New Orleans, Louisiana we took full advantage of being able to stop here and sample the #deliciousness.

The texture and taste from having these cobs fried was unmatched and doubled with a nice amount of thoughtful seasoning made a perfect side.

This location is set off a shopping mall type area and was very easy to find. After we were sat and ordered a beverage (a local brown #ale that had nice body and flavor), we were able to browse the menu. This is not a large or fancied up menu by any means, they get right down to business and offer items they are able to do well. With three of us there we decided to order a few items and just munch on them all family style while trying out the three eclectic #BBQ sauces that Sticky Fingers had on the table. Once we were locked in on what to try, the rest became history.

APPETIZERS - Stuffed Tater Kegs and The Onion Loaf

Sticky Fingers Appetizers Didn't Suck

Chuck browsed this menu online a bit before getting to check this place out so one of these items was already figured out and decided on. You cannot read the description of the "Stuffed Tater Kegs" without wanting to instantly eat them. Basically gigantic #tater tots stuffed with cheddar, #bacon, and chives sounds like something nearly anyone who enjoys those ingredients has desired to have long before they even knew it existed, and they delivered. The "#Onion Loaf" was basically a bunch of onion rings molded to look like they came out of a loaf pan. They were good onion rings, nice seasoning, nice crunch...and the sauce was very similar to a "bloomin onion" style sauce and was also delicious.


We next went "to the smoker" and got three entree dishes to share. We went with the smoked brisket, a double order of pork ribs, and smoked sausage. For our sides we decided to go with the mac and cheese, collards, baked beans, and the fried corn. The brisket was

Sticky Fingers Ribs Mac and Cheese Collards Didn't Suck

cooked perfectly. A nice smoke ring and a really good mouthfeel. The sausage was also very good. It had that taste that you can only get from having that sausage in the smokehouse with all the other items smoking away all at once. The ribs quite literally fell off the bone even without any sauce. The ribs had a very good flavor as well. The mac and cheese was solid but just a mac and cheese honestly. The baked beans were good if you enjoy a bit of a sweeter baked bean. The collards were good, nice amount of tang and seasoned well. The winner of the sides for sure was this fried corn though. The texture and taste from having these cobs fried was unmatched and doubled with a nice amount of thoughtful seasoning made a perfect side. We made piles of each of the three sauces from Sticky Fingers and drug all the meats through each one to test them all out. We are happy to report, there isn't a bad decision in any of those combinations.

The Chattanooga Woo Woo!

One thing we will say about chain restaurants is often times you can't judge all locations based on the one. We have heard many people say they didn't enjoy their experience as much as we did with this chain, so we can only speak to the strength of this location alone. We found the service to be very good, local ale was tasty and cold, appetizers were on point, the meats were great, and the sides were nearly perfect accompaniments to the dishes. We also went on a night that was a bit slower so we didn't have to deal with any loud unpleasant experiences or delays in getting our food. All in all, a big win.

Sticky Fingers in Chattanooga, Tennessee ... Didn't Suck!

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