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Pink Moon Indeed

While staying in a hotel in Houston the night before on our way from New Orleans to El Paso, we saw this place on an episode of DDD and figured it was somewhat destined that we stop in for lunch the next day as we passed through. We saw the massive fried pork chop with the cracklins attached and knew we had to have it.

sangaria luna rosa san antonio texas spanish food tapas

For beverages Chas ordered their house sangria and I chose to go with a Sol Michelada. The Michelada was massive and had good flavor. Chas said the sangria was very good as well. So far off to a good start. We got some fried plantain chips, wings, and coconut shrimp as appetizers.

The plantain chips were good, and the dipping sauce reminded me of a garlic and cilantro aioli that you get from Pollo Tropical for their Yuca fries. The wings were cooked well, and the sauce (albeit a little sweet) was flavorful. The coconut shrimp seemed to be a typical sysco-esque frozen item, but they were good.

massive huge insanely large pork chop luna rosa fried san antonio texas spanish food tapas

Then of course we had the beast, The Chuleta Kan Kan! This was a big ol' chop that came with sweet plantains and rice with peas. The chop itself was unfortunately only okay. The size was not enough to compensate for it being fairly dry in spots. I am wondering if the longer deep fry time due to its size causes that, but either way, it was good...not great. The rice and peas were good and I’ve never met a sweet plantain I didn't love.

Add on the fun pina colada style ice cream at the end for good measure! Our service was very good as well. This had a shot at 5 stars if the Chuletta Kan Kan delivered on my expectations but regardless due to the service, drinks, and other items we had...it's a 4 for us.

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