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Updated: May 14, 2020

This All inclusive gem on the Island of #Cozumel was an accidental find that turned out to be a wonderful surprise. From Service to amenities, this beach club really had it all

Paradise Beach Cozumel Mexico Didn't Suck

Our first trip together as "Chas N' Chuck" to the island of Cozumel in Mexico was a relaxing one. We had planned with the rest of our group we were cruising with to book the day at the beach club Paradise Beach. A few of the cruiser's that we were sailing with (and Chas as well) normally would frequent another beach club up the strip a bit called "Mr. Sancho's". On this particular date the other club was booked solid so we rolled the dice and booked here instead. Simply could not be happier about this! That is in no way to take away from Mr. Sancho's at all (or their swim-up bar which is awesome), but our day at #Paradise proved to be just that.

"That's called Agavero Senor." - Chrystiam, our server

When we arrived we were met at the front of the establishment by a group of eager helpers and a tall glass of Rum Punch, which was their "welcome" #beverage. Soon after we found out why this place was called Paradise. We took a walk up a walkway with beautifully bright green palm trees and plants that gave way to the first of two bars on the property. This bar had possibly the biggest fan i've ever seen operating above it and in the backdrop was the property's #pool. This pool was a nice size with a great temperature and offered a cool feature, a ledge around the pool with lounge chairs in the water.

Further along the way we came up to the 2nd bar which had some exotic birds hanging around chatting up the tourists and very near that bar was our seating for the day which

Paradise Beach Cozumel Mexico

faced the magnificent #beach. We then met our server for the day and decided to grab another drink and then head down for the ocean. The water was very clear, quite easy to see to the bottom, and warm. Not like "taking a bath warm", but very comfortable. The water has a lot of inflatable fun stuff for families to play on, kayak's to rent (for a VERY low fee), and a great dock with snorkeling at the end.

Our server Chrystiam was truly a master of his craft. He clearly understood the importance of pleasing the customer and he was on top of it all day long. With the all inclusive option we decided to order a ton of food and just all share everything. The food was enjoyable here. It was not the best #Mexican food we have ever encountered, but it was quality food that came fast, how ever much we wanted, and at a great cost. At this time Chuck decided it was time for him to play his favorite game while on vacation. He said to our server "Imagine yourself sitting in my lounge chair, and I want you to bring us all whatever you would be drinking if I was you". Shortly after Chrystiam returned with a small, chunky blue bottle we did not recognize and a lot of shot glasses. After asking I simply received a "That's called Agavero senor". This was some of the smoothest tasting #tequila we have ever had. It was technically not even classified as a tequila because of the high agave content, but a really tasty shooter. We had...more than one.

After paying a very small fee (I believe it was $6 a person and it included kayaking) we grabbed some gear and went snorkeling. Many beautiful sights under the dock area here with lots of aquatic life and coral. Samantha thought Chuck tried to get her killed because

Paradise Beach Pool Cozumel Mexico Didn't Suck

he wanted a really good shot of a fish they saw underwater. Turns out that was a #barracuda.

After a dip in the pool and many more beverages, our day had drawn to it's end. We got back into our "taxi van" and set the course for the port (roughly 15 min ride) and after purchasing some duty free alcohol and nearly missing last call at the ship, were on our way back to our staterooms for some showering and preparation for dinner.

Cruising to Mexico is a great way to see one specific area. If you want to see more of this region of Mexico then we would suggest flying into Cancun and renting a car to drive the Yucatan peninsula with. There are so many incredible places to see, experience, and eat at through all of this area that it does pay to go that route. However, we truly love being on the ship and the whole process of the cruise so we do this quite often also. If you are ever in Cozumel, give Paradise Beach a look. The all inclusive was under $60 a person and had unlimited drinks and food with the seriously beautiful pool and ocean at your disposal.

Check all of the incredible photos from this journey HERE

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