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Outstanding Cheesesteak Truck in Hammonton, NJ - Gio's Steaks

Gio's Steaks Hammonton New Jersey Food Truck

We were visiting family and friends in Hammonton, NJ and felt hungry...hungry for steaks...and I knew exactly what to do! I was told to check out Gio's, and I'm so happy I did. I will say that this is a seasonal truck though so be sure to check if they're open or closed for the season before planning your meal. The amount of options is very solid though for a tow behind truck and totally worth a trip.

We ended up getting a king sized haul from Gio's. We got the regular cheesesteak with American cheese and fried onions, "The Woo" which is a buffalo chicken cheesesteak, the Taco Cheesesteak, Dirty Fries (cheese and gravy), and we also had the regular fries which were excellent too.

Cheesesteak at Gio's Steaks Hammtonton New Jersey Food Truck

The regular cheesesteak was very solid. This featured a good roll with a crusty exterior but nice soft inside. There was definitely no lack of cheese here either! There was a little more char on the meat than I typically prefer, but it didn't affect the flavor of the steak at all. I am guessing with the large volume of traffic they see and trying to keep everything timely for everyone while also still fresh, they probably have their grill temp a bit higher than some other spots.

The Taco cheesesteak was really interesting because it genuinely tasted like a cheesesteak and a taco both in one. I've had mashup's like this before where it still tastes like the original thing with a hint of the other, that was not the case. I could distinctly taste all of the attributes of a cheesesteak as well as a taco. The meat was seasoned in a way that it was flavored like the ground beef of a taco and then the addition of the lettuce, tomato, and sour cream really finished that taco feel. Simultaneously, the cheesesteak roll and the cut and style of the meat reminded you that you were eating a cheesesteak.

Taco Cheesesteak Hammtonton New Jersey Gio's Steaks

The Dirty Fries were great. Fresh cut fries that were hot and still crisp under the delicious cheese and savory gravy. I'd eat these daily if I could. A good fresh cut fry is a thing of joy, and that's exactly what these were! Sometimes they aren't prepared properly and get really dark or they don't know how to remove the starch and the fries never get that "crisp" you're looking for. The staff on the truck at Gio's knew exactly how to get the best out of these!

Now for my favorite item of the day, "The Woo". Ric Flair himself wouldn't be able to hold back from belting out a massive Woooooooooooooooooo after trying this one. The fresh (and real) chicken breast, none of that frozen puck nonsense, was the start to the selling point of this one. That same solid and sturdy roll from the other sandwiches rolls in next. Add to that the flavor enhancements of the buffalo sauce and blue cheese...it was excellent. I've had MANY chicken cheesesteaks in my life and perhaps aside from making my own, this was my favorite. A homerun...or maybe a bodyslam?!

The Woo Chicken Cheesesteak Gio's Steaks Hammonton New Jersey

In the South Jersey area there is a new place to grab a sandwich, and I think they're here to stay. Gio's Steaks in Hammonton, New Jersey - Didn't Suck!

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Dirty Fries Hammtonton New Jersey Gio's Steaks

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