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Our Founding Farmers..

On the search for a fairly upscale place for a Friday night meal without breaking the bank in DC, we land on Founding Farmers. We found some other places that either were a bit more casual than we wanted or boasted a more expensive menu than we were looking for and eventually decided this was the just right “bowl of porridge”.

black pepper garlic wings founding farmers washington dc

The ambiance here is very nice with a bi-level construction and bars on both floors. The main dining area on floor 1 has the bar in the center of the room as the focal point and the second floor has the bar off to the side with additional seating. We were seated upstairs and our server (Dwayne) was fantastic. Very strong knowledge of the drink and food menu and an outgoing personality.

For our drinks (we were a party of 3) we went with the Old Fashioned, Bourbon Colada, and Strawberry Ginger Margarita. Founding Farmers distills their own spirits and I was excited to try their bourbon. I can report that it had a nice flavor and was very smooth. All of the drinks were well crafted and quality beverages. Also the Bourbon Colada comes out in a little tiki guy mug…who doesn’t love that!?

For our starters we went with the Fried Green Tomatoes as well as the Garlic Black Pepper Wings. The Green tomatoes came with two different sauces to add to them, which was good because being totally honest, without them they were a bit bland. The first sauce was what seemed to be a spinach dip and the other was a type of a chive sour cream or crème fraiche. Both dips added nice flavor to the dish. The wings were excellent. They presented well and they had bold flavor and nice crispness to them. Seems as though they were fried and then after being sauced spent some time under the salamander (broiler).

straw and hay bucatini founding farmers washington dc

For entrees we decided to go with the Ribeye, the Short Rib, and the “Straw and Hay” bucatini. The ribeye was seasoned well and cooked to the proper temperature. The Short rib was also cooked properly but the sauce was more sweet than anything and lacked depth of flavor. I was hoping after the sweetness to get something more savory and spicy and it never came. The Bucatini dish was definitely a bit flat. The fresh house made pasta was a nice touch, but the sauce was lacking in seasoning, and they could have benefitted from offering fresh shaved parmesan or cracked black pepper at the table.

For the sides we really enjoyed the Seven cheese Mac and the Elote style corn. The green beans were good but didn’t stand out and the mashed potatoes were also good but again were not anything to write home about.

For dessert we ordered the house made coffee ice cream, the Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Pie, and an espresso martini. I personally did not try the martini, but it looked nice. The ice cream had a really nice flavor but was grainy. The PB pie though was fantastic. Came with some fresh whipped cream and the pie itself had a very good blend of flavors. Not too much peanut butter or chocolate.

peanut butter chocolate mousse pie founding farmers washington dc

Four Score and Three Meals Ago…

Taking into consideration the location, cost, value, and taste I would definitely like to come back again. I think that I would definitely try something other than the Short Rib and Bucatini next time around though. The ribeye and wings were excellent and I’d eat that dessert 8 days a week.

Founding Farmers in Washington DC - Didn't Suck!

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