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Authentic Mediterranean Fare in New Orleans - The Kabob House

Updated: Mar 10

Who goes to Nola and think's "Can't wait to try the Mediterranean food!"? Well neither did I, but I will from now on. The Kabob House in Metairie has an incredible assortment of different drinks, foods, and desserts if you need a little change of pace from fried oysters and gumbo. What is seriously more impressive is that the food here was just as good as any I've had in NYC. New Orleans is a food town, but I had no idea this style of food was something I could find here with such quality.

Falafel Kabob House Metairie Louisiana

For the drinks I tried a soda that I had never heard of called "Vimto" that had black currants and other varieties of fruit with Hibiscus. I couldn't drink this all the time because it was very sweet, but it was excellent. The gentleman working the register also talked me into trying a yogurt drink. The best way for me to describe this is it was almost like liquid cottage cheese. The texture wasn't off-putting at all but I think this is one of those cultural things that you appreciate more if you grew up on it.

The Falafel was very good. Brown fried crust opens to bright green inside and the flavor was totally on point. These were maybe $1 or less a piece and totally worth it. Also came with a tasty dipping sauce but they're plenty good on their own.

The Chicken Shawarma over salad was really solid also. Nice crispy pieces from the outside of the spit but also still very tender and flavorful.

Beef Shawarma Hummus Kabob House Metairie New Orleans Louisiana

The Kofta Kabob was seasoned perfectly and was gone before I could even take a picture of it! I am usually not even a huge kofta fan but this was excellent.

The Beef Shawarma however was the best dish here, and it wasn't even close. The flavor and texture were as good or better than any I've ever had. Some pieces were more cooked than others and honestly, I'm not even sure which ones I preferred. This was served over hummus and that was also very good. Smooth and not grainy at all with excellent flavor all blended together.

Goes without saying but I'll say it anyway, The Kabob House in Metairie, Louisiana - Didn't Suck!

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