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Oh-MAYA-GOSH! Maya Chan in Mahahual, MEXICO is Life

Last time visiting the Port of Costa Maya, Mexico we did some shopping, dropped in the pool at the port, had a beverage or two and got back on the ship to take advantage of empty waterslides and bars. This time...we were FAR more intelligent. After a little research we stumbled upon Maya Chan Beach Resort. The reviews were slightly mixed (mostly due to conditions out of their control like rough/murky waters) but we decided to roll the dice. We hit seven and eleven...over and over again.

Paradise Beach Cozumel Mexico Didn't Suck

Leaving the port we found our transportation to Maya Chan (which was organized by Maya Chan and included in our fee) quite easily. We packed some people into a large 20 passenger style van and were on our way! A 20-ish minute ride through Mahahual was all that stood in our way of an incredibly relaxing day of beach, food, and beverages. The sights on the ride were truly beautiful as well (please see our video about the trip to Maya Chan for reference).

"This cask sir is tequila that has been infused for six months with vanilla bean, and it is the smoothest thing you'll ever taste" - Our Wonderful Bartender

As we arrived we were met at the front of the resort by a few employees whose English seemed to be a bit better than the others. One of the employees was clearly the "manager" and she explained the amenities, meal time, beverages, and showed us where the snorkel

gear and showers were. We were then led to our private area of comfortable beach chairs, a wicker bed canopy, and gigantic palm frawn umbrella. We were immediately brought a rum punch as a welcome beverage (which I realize now after a few trips to Mexico that this is basically the industry standard kickoff) and some fresh tortilla chips with guacamole and pico de gallo. Our goal was fairly simple for this trip, try different cervezas, try different tequila's, eat authentic Mexican food, and perhaps take a beach nap!

After a while of relaxing, a dip in the ocean, and quite a few different Mexican brews, it was time for our lunch. We were all gathered by the grill where mostly everything was set out for us and we had all of our options explained to us. Naturally, we tried a taste of everything...and so incredibly happy we did. The steak, pork, and chicken were all incredibly tender and flavorful. There was no need to even add any sauces (even though we did anyway) and these proteins didn't even need sides or tortillas (but we had those too). The

sea bass was literally falling apart it was so tender and that was also incredible.

After lunch (and another few beers of course), we went up to the bar. Chas leads in with "So...tell me about Tequila". Yes...those were his famous last words. Our bartender was more than happy to swiftly line up 6 shots for each of us with a brief description of each, how they were made, brands, where to get them, and varying degrees of flavor. It started with something downright foreign to either of us and I truly believe we are better people for having experienced it. There was a barrel sitting on it's side with a tap in it on the bar and we asked what was in it...turns out it was shot #1 on the tour of tequila's. "This cask sir is tequila that has been infused for six months with vanilla bean, and it is the smoothest thing you'll ever taste" ... oh how right he was. Easily the best tequila either of us have ever had...and we have had A LOT of tequila in our lives. The rest of the tour was slightly less tasty from 2-6 and each had a little more of a bite and a little less of euphoria.

Chas nearly immediately went to the bed canopy and took a nap. Chuck went back in the ocean, made some new friends, and went back for more Vanilla Tequila shots! Our new friends hadn't experienced this yet, and clearly we could not allow them to go back to their homes somewhere in nowheresville, Idaho without indulging in this insanely tasty elixir.

After a dip in the pool and many more beverages, our day had drawn to it's end. We got back into our "taxi van" and set the course for the port (roughly 15 min ride) and after purchasing some duty free alcohol and nearly missing last call at the ship, were on our way back to our staterooms for some showering and preparation for dinner.

Soon after it was our time to say goodbye to all of our new friends from Maya Chan and head back to the port so we could board the Norwegian Sun and set sail for Cozumel. This beach club was one of the most relaxing and tasty experiences i've ever had...and that's saying a lot. The hospitality of the staff was truly warm and inviting and the feeling I had leaving there was one of completeness. Maya Chan Beach Resort in sunny Mahahual, Mexico...100% Didn't Suck!

Check all of the incredible photos and videos from this journey for more mind exploding awesomeness!

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