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NYC in Stroudsburg? Let's see about that..

For many years the Poconos have been a great place to vacation but has not been a destination for food. Some establishments in the past years have been doing all they can to change that, and things have become a bit better in the area. NYC Street Grill on Main Street in Stroudsburg was a place I was hesitant to try initially because typically in my experiences anything that has NYC in the name, is nowhere remotely near as good as anything in NYC. I’m happy I decided to go against that belief and give them a shot.

I went there during the whole Covid situation and got take-out so I can’t comment too much to the aesthetic of the business itself really. I can say that the dining area was fairly small, but I do believe they’ll have outdoor seating once allowed to as well. The scents of the business really lit up your nose as soon as you walked through the door. Various meats roasting over flame tends to do that!

For today’s take-out I ordered the Grilled Chicken Tikka Kabab platter and the Lamb, Beef, and Chicken combo platter over rice. First reaction was “Holy Crap that’s a lot of food”. These portions are absolutely enough to turn into two meals with no issue at all. As it was in the restaurant, the smell was divine. Also, the hot sauce that they make (which I got extra of on the side, and you should too) was very good. It tasted good and it actually provided some kick.

The Chicken Kabab was quite good. The flavor was on point and the meat was juicy. Oftentimes when I have gotten this meat at other places it’s a little tough and dry, but this was not at all. There was a lot of meat and what I ate of the salad was good as well.

The combo platter was fantastic. The lamb was the highlight for me personally, but it was all delicious. I saw another review where someone said the food here was very salty…perhaps they came on a day where something went wrong but this lamb (which is typically salty all on it’s own) was spot on to how it should taste. The combination of sauces and flavors from the meats and the rice was really so good when blended together. I’ve had a lot of halal food in the city and maybe this wasn’t exactly the same, but for this area especially this was a homerun.

Oh My Kebab!

The Chicken kabab was maybe $9 and the combo platter was around $15. Keeping in mind that either of those can easily sufficiently feed a normal human twice…pretty solid deal. In a town where a good meal at an affordable cost can sometimes be troublesome to find, this was a breath of fresh air. NYC Street Grill in Stroudsburg, PA – Didn’t Suck!

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