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No Foe can go Toe to Toe with the Asian Cajun fusion at MoPho!

 mopho new orleans louisiana cajun asian creole james beard award winning chef

Mo Pho? What did you just call me?! On the outskirts of this busy town is a unique fusion restaurant with a James Beard award winner at the helm. While we could eat crawfish, gumbo, and po boy’s for the rest of our lives with no issue whatsoever…we welcomed a bit of a break from the typical New Orleans fare and bellied up to the table with our hunger in full swing.

After seeing that there was an Iced Vietnamese coffee on the menu, we already knew what we were drinking without having to put any thought into it at all. This awesome mix of coffee and sweetened condensed milk over ice is Heaven in a glass. We make these at the “Didn’t Suck Headquarters” all the time after purchasing the proper coffee steeping materials from Amazon (check them out - https://amzn.to/37sVKU2 ) and it was a nice change of pace to get to enjoy these without the work. The process for making them though is quite simple and in only a few minutes you can enjoy this sweet treat from home.

This menu offers a lot of fusion between Asian foods and types of foods or at least styles of cooking that are from the New Orleans area. We wanted to have a few Asian dishes, but we also decided that trying one of the fusion items would be a good idea as well. We figured

chicken drumsticks asian caramel cajun nuoc mam lemongrass ginger

we’d lead off with an appetizer, split a couple entrees, and if we felt up to it we’d grab a dessert.

We led off the parade by ordering the “MoPho Drumsticks” which are fried chicken legs that are super crispy tossed in their signature “Nuoc Mam Caramel” sauce and topped with lemongrass and ginger. The flavor from these is honestly nearly indescribable. It’s sweet, It’s savory, the skin is super crunchy, the meat is extra tender…it’s wild. I would re-visit this place for this dish alone, forget about anything else on the menu. However, this was not the last good thing we had.

For one of our entrée’s we went with the “Glazed Pork Belly Bowl” which was another treat. On top of the delicious pork belly this bowl came with spiced peanuts, some cracklin’, jalapeno, pickled vegetables and it was over chilled vermicelli. The pork belly had very good

pork belly noodle bowl vermicelli peanut thai pickled vegetables jalapeno cracklin

flavor and texture. The fat didn’t have that “fatty” texture to it and there was a good firmness to the meat. All of the toppings and additions were nice, but that pork and some noodles would have been good enough for us. Did we mention we love pork? Like…a lot?

Lastly (because we did not have room for dessert by the end of this) we decided for a fusion item that we could order the “Crispy Chicken Vindaloo Po-Mi” sandwich. Yes this clever marketing for this name does blend the Bahn-mi with the Po-boy. However, it now also has some Indian influence as well because of the vindaloo sauce that the chicken is tossed in. This spicy Indian sauce is incredible with chicken, shrimp, or just vegetables but today, it’s covering some delightful fried chicken on a crisp French roll with coconut ranch slaw. This thing was pretty freaking tasty. Definitely some kick there so if you aren’t into the heat perhaps bypass this one, but for us who love to

vindaloo indian cajun creole po boy bahn mi chicken fried spicy hot slaw

tickle our taste buds with flame, this was a true winner.

Ther Cker – Yeah we went there.

After receiving suggestions from others in the culinary world we decided that trying out MoPho was essential. Every now and then our spidey senses start tingling for a delicious Asian meal and it was decided on this day that in New Orleans, Louisiana that is definitely possible. Simply Put…MoPho - Didn't Suck!

Please check out our Gallery for all the images from MoPho as well as all of our adventures in New Orleans and all of Louisiana!

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