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Is "The Cure Cafe" the best breakfast/lunch in the Poconos?!

Everyone...it very well might be! Variety, cost, flavor, presentation, staff, location...The Cure hits on all facets. We stopped in on the ever busy Main Street in Stroudsburg to try out some of their best selling dishes recently and were not disappointed one bit. We started with a mocha hot cocoa bomb which was delicious. These are sourced from another local business (called KatieKakesBakes) and it was fantastic. They also had white chocolate and milk chocolate options but our server said the mocha was her favorite, so we went with that. Mixing hot milk with this mocha bomb and releasing small chunks of chocolate and marshmallows was fun, and it was a nice hot drink for a cold day in the Poconos. Let's start with the Pork Huevos Rancheros. This dish looked very nice visually and it had A LOT going on, but in a good way. The pork flavor was excellent and smoky, the eggs burst as you cut through them, the avocado added nice flavor and creaminess, the tortillas add that little bit of hearty corn to the dish, and it's all rounded out with a bit of sour cream on top. I didn't think that I was going to enjoy the sour cream with the eggs, but it was actually a nice touch. I'd order this again without question.

Breakfast/Brunch at The Cure Cafe in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania

Now for the Monte Cristo. This is one of my favorite sandwiches and when it's one properly is a real winner in my book. The Cure delivered with this sandwich. It was served on a thinner bread than I'm used to so I was a bit skeptical of that, but I ended up really liking that it was less heavy than some I've had in the past. Without the syrup you get all of that smoked gruyere and high-quality meats and then once you dip it that gets toned down just slightly to add the sweetness and depth of flavor from adding the syrup. And last but not least the Veggie Hash. I sat down expecting to not enjoy this dish and it ended up being my favorite of all three. Its nutty from the walnut meat alternative, but the mouthfeel and texture was very similar to having meat. There was some spinach, sautéed onion, and then also potatoes and sweet potatoes...it was just a really solid dish and a nice option for vegetarians or anyone just looking to take their meat intake down a bit. No brainer if there ever was one, The Cure Cafe on Main Street in Stroudsburg, PA - Didn't Suck!

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