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I-rish I was in Orlando

Down in the heart of Disney Springs you can find yourself in quite an eclectic hodgepodge of food and drink. Today’s stop in the chaos brought us to Raglan Road Irish Pub. The visually attractive building has a large Irish gift shop in the front and on the night we went they had live entertainment on the outside stage for the seating out there and people waiting, as well as different entertainment on the indoor stage. This was a good start!

Raglan Road Irish Pub Disney Springs Orlando Florida

To start off we split an order of the Scotch Eggs (which I believe has since been removed from the menu) and they were very good. Very nice flavor on the sausage, the egg was still cooked in between a soft boil and hard boil consistency, and the Crispiness of the outside blended with the inside very well.

The brown bread was a big winner here and the fact that they use Kerrygold butter made it that much better. Kerrygold just has a noticeably better creaminess and sweetness to it than the butter you get here in the states. For entrees we decided to split the “OMG Burger” and an order of Fish n Chips.

The Fish n Chips had a very nice cook to it. It wasn’t too oily and it wasn’t cooked so long that the battered crust began to get a darker color. The fish was flaky and light and the flavor was on point with any good beer battered fish I’ve ever had.

The OMG Burger was really quite good. We ordered this large burger cooked to medium rare (and it came out to the proper temp) and the taste was solid. The fried onion straws are always one of my favorite burger toppings, the Irish Bacon (back fat bacon typically called rashers) had a nice heft to it, the Dubliner cheese was sharp but still savory, and the burger itself was a blend of short rib and brisket which makes one of the best burgers you can get. They also had a whiskey BBQ sauce on this that was a nice accompaniment.

Our dessert would ultimately be a few Irish Car Bombs (kids don’t try this at home) and then we were off to walk around Disney Springs and check out the shops.

When in Rome…er uh…Ireland

Definitely hoping to come back here sometime and try out a bit more of the menu. From the drinks to the food, the service to the entertainment, everything was on point here. Raglan Road Irish Pub in Disney Springs - Didn't Suck!

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