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Hop on down to Wo Hop

If you’ve never gotten half smashed in NYC and been hungry afterwards, are you even American? I’m sure many people have not had the ability to do that, but many others have. For those, there is a clear-cut choice on some food that will absorb some of that alcohol and add some flavor and heartwarming lovin’ to your life. Wo Hop is that place. No, you don’t have to be a drinker to come here obviously. No, you don’t have to come at 3am obviously. It is however when you encounter the most fun guests!

fried dumplings at wo hop new york city late night chinese food

Wo Hop is set in the basement at 17 Mott St. in Manhattan and is truly a gem. Only seats maybe 40 people and during the day there is typically a line going up the stairs and flowing out onto the street outside. They serve many classic Chinese dishes as well as the Americanized versions of those dishes with heavy sugary sauces that we have all come to love.

On this trip we decided to get some Fried Dumplings, BBQ Spareribs, Fried Rice, And Lo Mein. Just for reference, this trip was around 3am and I am very behind on my reviews, it was also pre-covid. I do believe they actually close at night now, at least during the weeknights. Either way, check before heading there, especially if you’re driving 90 minutes like we did! So, let’s start with the dumplings. Really crispy outside and the filling was excellent. Came with the standard dumpling sauce and some duck sauce for dipping. Really nice and tasty appetizer to get us started.

spare ribs at wo hop new york city late night chinese food

The Spareribs were also very flavorful. This rack was only middle of the road as far as meat content goes, but they were charred nicely and had a delicious sticky sauce caramelized onto them. I could have eaten another order of these, and almost ordered more. Had I not known that we had a couple of heavier carb laden dishes on the way, I would have.

The fried rice is a reason alone to come here. I have been to hundreds of Chinese places in my life and it’s rare that you find one that can nail a proper cook on the fried rice. Wo Hop succeeds wonderfully at this. Really good texture of the rice, a lot of large chunks of roast pork, and a good amount of egg. I personally love when they add egg to the rice.

lo mein at wo hop new york city late night chinese food

The Lo Mein was excellent as well. The noodles were firm but soft (if you can make sense of that) and the flavor was on point. Again, as with the rice, lots of meat as well as a good amount of bean sprouts and scallion. Lo Mein is one of my favorite items to get from a Chinese restaurant is they make them well…and Wo Hop does.


Not much else to say except the cost of the meal was decent considered what we got and that it’s in NYC. Tasty food at a good price anytime of night? Umm…yes please. We will get back here soon and do a post (or during I guess) covid tour as well. For now though, Wo Hop in NYC - Didn't Suck!

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