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Gigi for Me...Me

Long Branch was the first beach I ever took my kids to. This was a good decade ago now and I wanted to bring them back and have them get to see the area and everything with fresh eyes. I only ended up having one of my sons this day, but I asked some people I know in the area where I could grab a slice. They tell me Gigi’s NY Style two towns over in Sea Bright is the place to grab a quick slice and avoid needing to get a table, do the whole seating thing, etc. All I wanted to do was get a bite in our stomachs and be on our way. I’m happy that we did.

Gigi's New York Style Pizza Sea Bright New Jersey Grandma Slice

Let me start off with the single handed only negative I can say…the cost. The slices were of average size and 2 slices and 2 drinks (albeit one slice was a specialty slice) was nearly $15. For me that’s a bit much, but with them being directly on the water and in a hip little bustling area, I didn’t really pay that much mind.

My son (so adventurous) wanted to grab a regular slice and I saw a slice there called “Grandma’” and decided that was the one for me. The Grandma’s slice looked like basically a half size Sicilian slice with sauce and basil pesto in lines over top. It was half the thickness of a Sicilian so it was kind of cool to get the same mouthfeel and some heft like a Sicilian, but also to still have a crispy crust and dough.

The cheese, sauce, pesto, crust…it was all good. I really enjoyed this Grandma slice a lot. I’d go back solely for that slice. It was a bit high in price, but it was really good. The plain slice had fantastic flavor as well. Really good sauce and they use a quality cheese for sure. I liked the snap in the crust, but the rest of the pizza as a whole could have been cooked a bit more. That’s a preference thing so I can’t knock them, but I like a pie that stands up on it’s own…this was definitely a bit undercooked for my own taste.

The staff here was also very friendly. I spoke with a woman who greeted me immediately for a few minutes and the younger staff behind the counter were all half watching football and half working, but not in a lazy teen kind of way. They were all passionate about the games, I enjoyed that. The Jets and Giants also both won so we’ll take that and run.

All in all I was very happy with our quick stop in at Gigi’s and I’d definitely go back. I’d get that Grandma slice again for sure, but now I’m curious to see what the other specialty pies are like as well.

Gigi’s NY Style Pizza in Sea Bright, New Jersey – Didn’t Suck!

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