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Getting Warmer at The Hot Grill

When in Clifton, New Jersey there is a plethora of establishments to choose from when you need to grab a hot and delicious lunch. On this specific day based on the suggestion of a friend, we checked out “The Hot Grill”. This business has been family owned/operated since 1961 and it showed in the care at the counter and the consistency of the food.

Hot Grill is an easy on/off from the highway which is another appealing option to coming here. In an area of a great deal of traffic and many other ways your plans can be delayed, it is nice to be able to pop in and get a fast and hot meal and get back on the highway. Worried you will not be able to find it? How about the massive sign outside visible from all directions including Route 46 and Route 21. So far this is a very ideal option.

When you order at Hot Grill you are at their counter and they yell the orders back to the kitchen. It is a fun atmosphere and all of the employees seemed to be fully invested in their jobs and happy to be there. Especially these days, that is very few and far between. After a very short wait your food comes up to the counter and you are off to find a table.

Based on the suggestion we received the order consisted of a Texas Weiner “all the way”, a cheeseburger “all the way”, and gravy fries. The call of “All the Way” refers to being topped with chili, raw onion, and mustard. Let us start with the fries.

The fries were hot and fresh and topped with their house gravy. This was unlike any gravy I had tried before. My best guess at it on the spot is that they cook down a rich stock and add a healthy dose of garlic, some vinegar, and a packet of dried Italian dressing seasoning. Really incredible flavor and a nice change of pace from what was expected.

The burger all the way was another pleasant surprise. The burger itself tasted good and there is not all that much more to say about it honestly. The thing that really set this burger apart was the chili. That is some damn good chili. Meaty with a little tiny bit of a kick and a smooth flavor. I would eat raw onion on anything so obviously I was happy about that also, and the mustard was just an added touch.

The hot dog was a high-quality dog that was deep fried and then covered with that same chili, onion, mustard combo. I love a dog that snaps so that was a major bonus here, and obviously from deep frying it you get a bunch of added flavor. If I could give any criticism at all to the dog it would be that the bun was a very basic run of the mill white bun. A brioche bun I think would have really taken this thing to the next level.

We like it HOT HOT HOT!

We have heard a few other things that we NEED to try when coming back to Hot Grill so that means there will be a part two to this at some juncture. Chuck says “These are my types of places. Hot Grill, Rutt’s Hutt, Roll N’ Roaster in Brooklyn, etc Real food from real people for a good price”. You already know what it is…Hot Grill in Clifton, NJ – Didn’t Suck

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