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Get a Drink-a at ABITA Brewery

After taking a 20+ mile ride on a bridge over the huge lake leading out of New Orleans, we finally reached our destination. That long of a ride can sure build up quite a thirst...good thing we landed somewhere that could quench it for us. Enter Abita Brewery!

Abita Brewery just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana

Abita has been a favorite of Chas and Chuck for a long while. Chuck discovered "Purple Haze" when he was right around 21 years old and instantly fell in love. He is not a big fan of fruit flavored beer typically, but there was something different about this one. Just the right amount of raspberry and still tastes like a beer. Ultimate win/win. Little did he know he was about to find out that his favorite brew from Abita, may not be his favorite for much longer.

Prepare for Take-off

Beer Flight from Abita Brewery

After checking out some of the gift shop and deciding to pass on the tour of the brewery today (just walked around the French Market for hours prior to coming), it was time to get down to the reason for this trip...thirst quenching goodness. Chas had a few drinks at the French Market and decided to just go with some of Abita's Root Beer without alcohol. Very clean taste and a really high quality soda. Definitely on the positive side of the "Good vs. tastes too much like a Christmas mint" spectrum.

Chuck opted for a flight! He got to choose four brews from the lineup for this event and his choices were easy for him. Had to get the original love, the purple haze. In addition Chuck added: Turbodog, Andygator, and the Hard Root Beer. Turbodog was a dark brown ale that had nice body and a really smooth flavor. I don't think I got as much of the chocolate and toffee flavors that Abita boasts, but it was very good. Andygator is a Helles Doppelbock and is definitely lighter and crisp. Tastes sweet but also tart if that makes sense. It's like an incredible IPA if IPA's didn't have that crappy hoppy aftertaste. The hard root beer was just

Bartenders Hard at Work - Abita Brewery

that...a damn good tasting root beer that will affect your brain cells!

Games Food Merch ... oh my.

There were many games you could play both indoors at the brewpub and outside as well. We didn't mess around much and stuck to the plan of "hydrating" but it looked like a blast. There was also a crawfish boil they were hosting outside that night which we may have stayed for and indulged in if we did not have reservations at Mr. B's Bistro later on that night. I was told that they have events like that every few weeks where an outside vendor will do a themed meal for a cost, sounds great to live locally here! Naturally on the way out the door we had to get some shirts, coasters, etc. because this place is the real deal.   After loading up all I can really say is, Abita Brewery...Didn't Suck!

Please check out our Gallery for more images from Abita Brewery!

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