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Fatback SOUL Shack...has there ever been a name this COOL?!

Updated: May 14, 2020

In transit from Pennsylvania to Tennessee we stumbled upon this gem in Christiansburg, Virginia. Fatback Soul Shack provided some really cool atmosphere and a decent meal to boot. We also tried a local brown ale that was a tasty treat on a nice warm afternoon. We got SOUL baby!

Fatback Soul Shack Didn't Suck

After ordering our brown ale and very briefly browsing the appetizer menu, we knew the clear cut winner for an appetizer. They have fresh fried pork skins here. At first thought you wonder if they're truly fresh, if you're going to get a handful, and if there will be any flavor. After we received our monster bucket of skins (for only $4) we realized the answer to all those questions. These puppies were still crackling and popping because they had just been yanked from the hot oil. Chuck dragged them through hot sauce and ranch and it was incredible!

Fresh Pork Rinds Didn't Suck

I'm bringing the Fatback...Yeah!

We had to make good time on this trip so we decided to just order some items off the lunch specials list under the assumption they would come out quickly and we could get our nourishment and get back on the road. Chas decided to order the pork chops and gravy with mashed potato (which Chuck was looking at but he is a weirdo and refused to order the same item as someone else) and Chuck got a Buffalo wing basket with cole slaw and hush puppies. The wings were tasty, but nothing i'd broadcast to the universe about. The pork chops were very good. Cooked well and topped with a rich and flavorful gravy.   

Chas also grabbed a quick dessert and tried their house made banana pudding. This pudding was fantastic and clearly made fresh. Fatback also has a really cool outdoor stage where on the weekends they have live music. Definitely something we would have been interested in checking out if we were going to be in the area on a weekend.

Buffalo Wings Didn't Suck

Skins, Chops, Puddings...Oh My!

Excited we gave this place a shot en route to our destination. This was a completely random find with Chas navigating the internet while we drove searching for something that sounded interesting and different. I would go back solely for that bucket of pork skins...they were so good and the bucket was GIGANTIC. Check out Fatback Soul Shack's site and find them on social for daily updates on everything yum.   We came, We Saw, We munched...Fatback Soul Shack, Didn't Suck!

Please check out our Gallery for more images from Fatback Soul Shack!

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