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Oysters and Lobsters and Shrimp - Oh My! Welcome to DRAGO'S

When in Metairie, Louisiana there are quite a few places you can choose from when dining out. One of our favorites (Chef Ron’s Gumbo Stop) is located there as well as some others such as Bobby Hebert’s Cajun Cannon and Acme Oyster House. When you speak with people about Iconic New Orleans’ dishes you hear many responses, but one had really caught our attention that was a bit different than most. “You absolutely must try the charbroiled oysters at Drago’s” is something we heard from multiple people. We were off to try the oysters, and we soon found out that Drago’s is so much more than just oysters.

Dragos Seafood Metairie Louisiana Oysters Shrimp Lobster Boudin Veal Grits

Drago’s in Metairie is a very busy but also efficient restaurant located just off the main drag of North Causeway Boulevard. There is an additional parking lot located in the rear (that we didn’t know about at all until our 4th trip or so) which is a good thing because the front two lots are consistently filled, even through the whole covid situation. With that said though, they removed over half their seating and are quite competent at working with the social distancing guidelines in place for the state of Louisiana.

First thing that set off the positive vibes of Drago’s for us was when ordering an old fashioned our server asked if Buffalo Trace was acceptable. Not only is it acceptable sir, but it is preferred! This was a huge bonus for Chuck who has really fallen in love with Buffalo Trace as a fairly inexpensive but high quality bourbon.

After the build-up and all of the anticipation, we naturally started with ordering a half dozen of the charbroiled oysters. We almost immediately then ordered another half dozen of the oysters. Wow. The flavor from these is something you wish all meals would have. Lots of buttery flavor with oregano and grated cheeses and just the smokiness that it takes on from having them on the open flame grill…just wow. We could have sat there and ate these all day long! Soon after while visiting a friend of ours in Orlando, Chuck took a shot at re-creating these…but that’s a story for a totally different time.

Dragos Seafood Metairie Louisiana Oysters Shrimp Lobster Boudin Veal Grits

For our entrees Chuck decided to go with the “Grillades and Grits”, Chas went with “Lobster Marco” and Val chose the “Drago’s Mixed Grill”. The Grillades dish was unlike anything we’ve ever tried, and we mean that in a good way. This veal was so incredibly tender it seemed as though it must have been cooking all day long. The mix of that with some of the harder cooked grits and the gravy it’s served in was really a nice treat, and a bit of an unexpected dish.

Dragos Seafood Metairie Louisiana Oysters Shrimp Lobster Boudin Veal Grits

The Lobster Marco was seriously breathtaking. This dish came out and made everyone instantly regret ordering what they got and not ordering this one. A huge Maine Lobster stuffed with angel hair pasta in a cream sauce with mushrooms and shrimp. Not only did it photo incredibly well, but it was delicious. It was genuinely two dishes in one. You have your shrimp and mushroom pasta and then you have an entire lobster with drawn butter.

The Mixed Grill offered a petite filet that was cooked exactly to the right temperature, half a Maine Lobster, and some Cajun shrimp that were delightful. Add in this “Corn maque choux” that they create here and it was a really nice dish all the way around. We ate some other meals on other trips here that can also be seen in our gallery such as the “Shrimp n Grits with Tasso”, “Boudin Stuffed Shrimp” and the “Shrimp and Corn Bisque”.

Dragos Seafood Metairie Louisiana Oysters Shrimp Lobster Boudin Veal Grits

Drago’s Must Break You

There is zero percent doubt that we will be re-visiting this establishment next time in the New Orleans/Metairie area of Louisiana. Their attention to detail, quality service, open view to the grills where the oysters were being prepared, THE OYSTERS, and the many high quality entrees we had made quite a lasting impression on us that makes us say without a doubt that Drago’s is one of the best restaurants in all of the New Orleans area. This one goes without saying Drago’s in Metairie - Didn't Suck!

Please check out our Gallery for all the images from Drago’s as well as all of our adventures in Louisiana!

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