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Do that VOODOO that YOU Do - VooDoo Donuts in Orlando, Florida

After a delicious meal and some hilarious banter at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse and prior to catching a movie at the Cinemark IMAX theater in Universal CityWalk we decided to treat our sweet tooth. Chas had been to this location and others previously and this would be Chuck's first step inside the glorious Voodoo Doughnut

Voodoo Doughnut - Universal CityWalk - Orlando Florida - Didn't Suck

This intensely bright and funky shop stands out immediately as you're walking through the CityWalk area of Universal in Orlando. With catchy slogans, quirky staff, and endless permeating aromas coming from the store it's no wonder why this place is such a hit among people searching for sweets. They also have a wild monstrous chair outside that you can get some photos on that is decorated in sugary fun.

Voodoo Doughnut - Universal CityWalk - Orlando Florida - Didn't Suck

After your eyes adjust to the dramatic difference in lighting, when you first enter you see so much cool artwork and flair (many shots in our gallery). There is a spiral staircase in the center of the floor that the line to wait for indulgence wraps around and at the base there is a case of donuts with descriptions. We made our choices fairly quickly and after the line dwindled down we were able to secure our treats for the evening.

Chas was very full from dinner and decided to pass on this trip to Voodoo. Chuck was very full from dinner and decided not to! The choices were the Voodoo Doll (raspberry filled donut topped with chocolate frosting and a pretzel stick) and the Old Dirty Bastard (topped with chocolate frosting, Oreo chunks, and peanut butter) and both looked fuh-reaking-awesome. The movie theater did not want to allow us to bring these into the theater and we were still far too full to consume them then so Chuck may have

Voodoo Doughnut - Universal CityWalk - Orlando Florida - Didn't Suck

or may not have kept walking right past the ushers and into the theater with them.

When finally getting a taste of these later on back at our villa it was really rewarding. All of that walking (not much walking at all), all of the sweat poured out (wasn't too hot that night), and all of the time spent deciding what to choose (we knew instantly what to get)...and it all culminated in one wonderful tasting. The Voodoo doll was Chuck's choice (also Chas' favorite) and it was a home run. The raspberry filling was delicious, the dough was the perfect amount of dough/spring back, and the pretzel was a nice little touch. Chuck's girlfriend chose the Old Dirty Bastard (which he promptly stole a bite of) and that was also seriously good. The Oreo/peanut butter blend was really nice together and again the donut itself was cooked perfectly.

Arnold may have not been able to say "he'd be back" after watching the film we saw at CityWalk, but I know for damn sure that "I'll be back" to Voodoo Doughnut! Surprise, Surprise - Voodoo Didn't Suck!

Check all of the incredible photos from this Voodoo Doughnut location at our gallery!

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