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Updated: May 14, 2020

#Shrimp, Corn, Potatoes oh my! Fantastic food and atmosphere at this #Houston, Texas area seafood chain.

Mambo Shrimp Houston Texas Didn't Suck

After doing some business in the Houston area for quite some time, Chas had already stumbled upon #Mambo Seafood months prior to this particular trip happening. He actually has a fun story (that we'll perhaps make a video in the near future) about meeting someone there who gave him some guidance on what to order and explained the wonders of the #michelada and pushed him to give it a try. On that trip Chuck was sitting at home receiving countless photos through texts from Chas on food/drinks from everywhere...but Mambo REALLY stood out.

“Seafood restaurant with many #Spanish folks having a meal, with many Spanish influenced foods/drinks, with many employees speaking Spanish...and I just had the best #Asian pork fried rice of my life. - Chuck”


Michelada Mambo Seafood Houston Texas

Sol is one of my favorite cerveza's for warm weather. It is light and when it's cold, is super #refreshing. Using it to make a #michelada just made far too much sense to me. So you're saying you've never heard of a Michelada or don't quite know what it is? Well let's just allow wikipedia to help you out then.

"A Michelada (Spanish pronunciation: [mitʃeˈlaða]) is a cerveza made with beer,lime juice, assorted sauces (often chile-based), spices, tomato juice, and chile peppers. It is served in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass"

I found this to be delicious and also the light amount of spice from the beverage really #balanced the food well. While Chas and Val enjoyed margarita's (pictured above in the background of the michelada), I also had a "Chamoy Rita" once my michelada was done. The #Chamoy Rita was basically a margarita that was mixed with Chamoy (Mexican pickled fruit) and it was frozen and delicious but also packed a bit of heat. What? You want to know what that looked like as well? Okay fine...twist my arm.

Chamoy Margarita Didn't Suck


Empanadas Mambo Seafood Houston Texas

We began with some Empanada's that were filled with shrimp, cheese, beans, and chipotle. There was A LOT of cheese. A lot might not be a strong enough phrase, I took a bite and was pulling the #flaky dough away from my face for a good six seconds before the cheese snapped. These were a good appetizer. In all honesty, they pale in comparison to the rest of the meal, but that's less to do with these being unworthy of #praise and more to do with this shrimp dish and this fried rice being two of the best things we have ever eaten.


Pork Fried Rice Mambo Seafood Houston Texas

To say this is a side dish is comical and honestly ridiculous to me...but we (as a group of three people) ordered the #SMALL order of the Pork Fried Rice and lo and behold, this is what we received. So if you cannot tell already, Mambo is a seafood restaurant that is heavily influenced by Spanish cuisine. So all I can think of is we are in a Seafood restaurant with many #Spanish folks having a meal, with many Spanish influenced foods/drinks, with many employees speaking Spanish...and I just had the best #Asian pork fried rice of my life. This rice was INSANELY #flavorful. Very fresh scallions, HUGE and tender chunks of very well seasoned pork, moist and airy rice...this dish is seriously just such a win. This dish was seriously somewhere in the ballpark of $6.50 ... like ... for the WHOLE thing. You must (must...like you cannot pass on this) try out Mambo's famous rice!


Mambo Style Shrimp Didn't Suck

Ahhh yes, now for what we've all been waiting for! The Mambo style shrimp is listed on the appetizer menu, but this is a MEAL, and should be treated as a meal. You order in increments of ten and you can add potatoes and corn as well. This is like most any shrimp or seafood #boil you've ever had but the spices/seasonings are just so on point. There is a very heavy presence of #garlic (which I LOVE) and I guarantee you'll be using every piece of food in the general area to try and soak up as much of this sauce as possible. I believe we ordered twenty shrimp with corn and potatoes, add that to the rice and the empanadas and you nearly had to ROLL us out of this place! Each order of ten shrimp was somewhere in the ballpark of $9. SUPER affordable, and incredibly delicious. You can barely get a "value meal" at drive-thru fast food chains for that price at this point.

Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnn

Mambo Seafood was a victory in all things flavor. I had this place built up to me by multiple people for months and it still delivered and did not disappoint. The drinks were good, business was booming, fast service, friendly and helpful wait staff, the empanadas were tasty, quite honestly potentially the best fried rice we've ever had, and the shrimp was so fresh and so flavorful all while being very affordable. You'll be doing yourself a disservice in you skip this place when traveling to the Houston area.

Final Summation - Absolutely, unbelievably, undeniably ... Didn't Suck!

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