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COCHON BUTCHER has Dorothy feeling like she's not in Nawlins anymore!

After walking into the wrong Cochon location (honestly, it’s not that hard to do) and being re-directed to the area in which we actually desired to have lunch, we were ready for one outstanding trip into mouth-watering joy.

Cochon Butcher Le Pig Mac Marinated Brussel Sprouts Frozen Hurricane Chas N Chucks Didnt Suck

A few of our friends who have worked in the culinary field for a very long time and have opinions that we believe to be worthy of trusting all said without missing a beat that Cochon Butcher is one of the spots you cannot skip when in New Orleans, Louisiana. The phrase “Le Pig Mac” was thrown around multiple times amongst other things so obviously, that was on deck. We also quickly found out that on a 90+ degree day, a Frozen Hurricane from the Butcher is exactly what the Dr Ordered!

At Cochon Butcher you order at the counter and they will give you a numbered table tent so that they can identify where to take your order when it’s ready. I am going to combine two trips to the Butcher into one post here so we ordered – Le Pig Mac, The Cochon Muffuletta, The Cubano, Duck Pastrami Sliders, Marinated Brussel Sprouts, Potato Salad, and Cole Slaw. Naturally, we got the frozen hurricanes as well. The Butcher has a very interesting look to it, you do not feel as though you’re in New Orleans when you’re here. This looks like a new age restaurant you’d find in Manhattan or the Dumbo area of Brooklyn. A lot of brick, funky yet fun décor, exposed duct work by the ceilings, and partially open kitchen. It was a little bit of an escape from our escape to New Orleans.

So, we start with the Duck Pastrami Sliders, which were good. To be honest, they are not something I’m going to spend much time talking about because they were just good. I will say though that they are more of a 4 way diagonally cut grilled cheese than sliders. These were in no way poor, but compared to everything else, simply just “good”.

Cochon Butcher Muffuletta Chas N Chucks Didnt Suck

The Cochon Muffuletta was quite good. They use all in house cured meats and their own style of olive relish which are served on a roll that was unique to the Muffuletta as well. The meats had a lot of flavor and the olive relish also had a variable to it that was slightly different than your average Muffuletta.

The Cubano was very good. There was some sort of basil type pesto on it that obviously does not come standard to a Cuban sandwich, but it simply worked. Their smoked pork was very tasty and full of body and with the ham and swiss just made a truly good sandwich.

Le Pig Mac however, for me personally, steals the show. This is a variant of the world famous “Big Mac” but they use house made pork patties with a bit of a kick to them instead of burgers, house made dill as well as sweet pickles, and their own “special sauce”. I could eat this sandwich 5 days a week. I will say that it is a bit salty so you’ll want a water with your meal, but excellent flavor, texture, and value.

Cochon Butcher Cubano Chas N Chucks Didnt Suck

The Frozen Hurricane was incredible. I do feel that one of these is enough for the day personally as far as sweetness goes, but it is very tasty! First trip I ordered a second one and was alternating with water halfway through because it got to be just a little too sweet for me personally…but you truly do taste the passionfruit come through and they throw in some real maraschino cherries as well.

The potato salad and cole slaw honestly were not mind blowing, but the Marinated Brussel Sprouts were awesome. Very solid flavor and a good texture. Typically, Brussels are either cooked so far that they’re mush or not enough so the centers are still very hard and not enjoyable. They nailed the cooking of these quite well and this will be my staple “side” moving forward.

Cochon Butcher Le Pig Mac and Frozen Hurricane Chas N Chucks Didnt Suck

Chopping up the Verdict!

Enjoyed everything there was to have here, including purchasing a shirt and some magnets and other merchandise prior to leaving. Even the good dishes were quite good, just not AS good as the great ones. Simply put, Cochon Butcher - Didn't Suck!

Please check out our Gallery for all the images from Cochon Butcher as well as all of our adventures in Louisiana!

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