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Clifton Staple - Rutt's Hut

After posting a video from a different hot dog/burger style establishment in Clifton, we were smacked with tons of comments saying that we needed to go to Rutt’s Hut next. Rutt’s Hut has been selling their “Ripper” since 1928 and they’ve built up quite a following. I’m hungry…the kids are hungry…let’s take a drive.

So where we walk in and order here is absolutely zero frills, bells, or whistles. Just a counter around the outside walls, a middle island, and the counter to order. I was told by a billion people to come here but not told what to order so to start off we just ordered some “rippers”. For anyone not in the know, a ripper is a deep-fried hot dog cooked basically until the casing “rips” a bit.

First ripper we had was plain. Not much to say except it was a really good hot dog. I knew though, that couldn’t be the only reason that people came here and were so vocal over how good it was. After poking and prodding a bit I found that the relish is a secret homemade recipe that they’ve been doing for many years and is not like many others. Okay, I’m intrigued.

The relish was yellow-ish in color but otherwise looked like a fairly standard relish. It tasted very good. Infused with some mustard and additional seasonings than other relishes I’ve had, this had a very good and fresh flavor and accented the dog perfectly. We also got some fries and they were crisp and tasty, but I honestly very rarely find a fry product that makes me go “wow” so I’ll just say, they were good.

We will definitely be back because since going I’ve now heard a good dozen items that we need to try, but that about wraps this trip up. Solid cost on the dogs and fries with an easy to find location that people have been filling their bellies at for nearly a century.

Excited to visit again but for now I can confidently say, Rutt’s Hut in Clifton, New Jersey – Didn’t Suck!

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