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CENOTE! Jardin Del EDEN, Playa Del Carmen

Updated: May 14, 2020

Stunning views, Calm and cool waters, Incredible history...the sink hole that brought today's #serenity!

Cenote Jardin Del Eden Didn't Suck

While figuring out plans for both the Cozumel and Costa Maya stops on a recent NCL cruise, Chas and I researched many options and ideas. One of the most intriguing was the #Cenotes of Mexico. These natural reservoirs of water are often underground or a large sink hole, but some are part of a larger system. At "Jardin Del Eden" there is a large area to swim for anyone who is just swimming or snorkeling, and then for the more advanced diver with scuba gear, there are many underground tunnels to swim through and explore.

We began the journey at the port of #Cozumel, Mexico. The last time that we cruised to Cozumel we went to a really beautiful #all-inclusive club called Paradise Beach. While we loved the club, this time we wanted to try something a little more adventurous. Paradise

Paradise Beach Cozumel Mexico

Beach had some really great food, drinks, snorkeling, a large pool, and incredible wait staff...but aside from the worker's we were completely surrounded by Americans. We were hoping to get a bit more of a feel for Mexico this time through. Without Paradise Beach we would have never been introduced to Agavero, which is an incredibly sweet tequila liqueur that we now love dearly. Pictured here is the dock at Paradise Beach, all photos can be found in our gallery, and a post about our time spent at Paradise can be found here.

From the Port in Cozumel we had to take a speed ferry across to mainland Mexico from the Island of Cozumel. This was probably about a 20-25 minute ride across a VERY choppy water. This experience was already different than any I had before in Mexico because no one

Speed Ferry Cozumel to Playa Del Carmen Mexico

spoke any English to us at all on the little ferry. We were able to communicate well enough, but compared to the touristy areas I had previously been, this was a noticeable change. The arrival at Playa Del Carmen at first was similar to Ports of Cozumel or Costa Maya because everyone spoke English and everyone attempted to sell you anything they had. One guy even told me he'd sell me his neighbors' wife for the right price! We managed to get through the port unscathed and found our way to the man who was in charge of all the taxi service for the area. The taxi ride to the cenote was probably about 20 minutes long and our driver was very knowledgeable and friendly. We had a couple items of conversation lost in translation, but it made for a more fun ride.

Cenote Jardin Del Eden Playa Del Carmen Mexico

“ARGHHH ^&$*(#&#&# OMG IT'S SO COLD.” - Literally Everyone

This cenote had so much to offer the prospective traveler looking for something different for their time in Mexico. If you are into nature, there were many beautiful views to take in like the woods surrounding the cenote as well as the waters themselves. If you are a fan of wildlife there are many different forms of animals like iguanas and other lizards, birds, and in

Iguana at the Cenote Didn't Suck

the waters many varieties of fish. If you were just looking some basic relaxation the entire cenote was relaxing but they also offered massages at an additional fee. Snorkel and life vest rentals available as well as a little grill area for local food. Placed around the perimeter of the cenote were areas to put your belongings and to relax if you choose. We were able to secure a nice little hut that had some coverage overhead as well as a table and some chairs so we were able to leave our bags, phones, towels, etc. in a safe place while we were in the water.

Fish Cenote Jardin Del Eden Didn't Suck

A few things that were important to note about not only this cenote, but cenotes in general. Probably the most important is that you cannot wear #sunblock when entering. I brought along a SPF T-shirt so that I would not get too burnt and I had a nice straw hat with me to protect my head. This cenote did not, but most cenotes have showers that you are required to use prior to entering so that the PH and other things are not altered by your body when you swim. Another thing is that some of the more popular (and expensive) cenotes do not allow you to keep your #phone or #camera on you during your time there and they offer lockers (at a cost) for you to store those things. It's my understanding this is to drive the sales of their in house photographers but perhaps also due to some form of possible issues bringing your personal belongings into the #water creates.

Just Cruising Along

We could not be happier that we chose this "excursion" for our day docked in Cozumel this time around. This was not a trip planned through the #cruise line and that made it even more exciting. All of the things we were able to do came out to less for 3 of us than it would have costed to do any of the #excursions from the cruise line for even 2 of us. This also opened our eyes to cenotes and has made us #extremely eager to begin looking at ways to get back to some more. It is Chas' belief (and I totally agree) that it might be easier to enjoy our time at these cenotes if we book a flight into Cancun and drive to these locations so that we can spend as much time as we want, and we are able to hit multiple cenotes in a day. We also can spend a few days doing that as opposed to the 6.5 hours or so you typically get at each port while cruising.

Pretty easy one here...Cenote Jardin Del Eden - Didn't Suck!

As always all photos can be found in the gallery section of the page and any video content can be found on the videos portion. Like, Comment, let us know where you'd like to see us next...we love the feedback!!

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