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Can Emilio's Place be Our Place?!

This is a hidden gem of a place in the Poconos. The younger guy who works the front is a very nice person and is super knowledgeable on the menu and is eager to help the patrons who come in and aren't totally sure what they want yet. I am posting about two trips I made here, and both were 5 star trips.

Pernil with rice and pigeon peas at Emilio's Place Bartonsville Pennsylvania The Poconos

The first time in he told me that typically when someone comes for the first time they get the Pernil (which is basically a Puerto Rican roasted pork shoulder) with the yellow rice and pinto beans. Uhm, okay buddy, say no more...you have me interested. This pork had fantastic flavor. I've had many Spanish pork dishes in my life and this was right near the top. The beans had a really great flavor to them and the rice with pigeon peas was also very good. I knew i'd go back as soon as I took my first bite. The second time in he talked me into trying their BBQ Chicken. Since I had gotten the pinto beans the first time around I decided I wanted to try the black beans but I stuck with the yellow rice and pigeon peas. As an added bonus he tossed in a little bit of their baked yuca for me to try. Holy wow. The Chicken was similar to most BBQ chicken dishes but with much more flavor. The black beans were also seasoned perfectly and this yuca was like nothing I had ever had before. I am used to having fried yuca with a dipping sauce, this was so much more like other tubers I've had that are baked. Lots of garlic flavor on it and super tender.

BBQ Chicken with baked Yuca Emilio's Place Bartonsville PA the Poconos

I can't seem to find solid contact information for them or I would go in and film some more footage for them for this site, YouTube, and TikTok. This place was so very good and add on the caring and helpful staff members and it's a huge no brainer...Emilio's Place in Bartonsville, PA - Didn't Suck!

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