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BIRDS of a FEATHER in Costa Maya

Updated: May 14, 2020

Crystal clear waters, Amazing food and drink, Tons upon tons of shopping...Did I mention we didn't leave the port?!

Costa Maya Mexico Didn't Suck

October in Pennsylvania is sad. The weather has almost fully officially changed and any possible warmth you've been clinging to is waving good bye as it drifts south to meet up with the birds for the winter retreat. October in Costa Maya, #Mexico however is quite the opposite. We spent October 30th 2019 at the Port in the town of Mahahual during our week long cruise of the Caribbean aboard the Norwegian Breakaway. There were stops on this cruise that I have to say I enjoyed significantly more, however, on this stop we never left the port and still had a great time.

"We decided to make it a port day and then royally abuse the all inclusive drinks package that we had on the ship."

The Port offered locations to dine (such as Cantina Latina) as well as have adult beverages (like the awesome Tree Bar) while shopping in one of the many storefronts in the area. Like a huge flea market of sorts with many people trying to grab your attention, there were a great host of deals to be had and we shopped for loved ones with great success and ease. One specific vendor as I am walking around with my lady thinks he is slick and says "Oh sir, beautiful jewelry for your Queen, come inside". After forcing a smile on my face and mentally giving him a healthy dose of F Bombs, we graciously declined and moved on the path to gifts for our families.

There was also a really fun pool area at the port in case you wanted to take a dip and escape a bit of the heat. Chas spent his time in the port with a mighty tall beverage and gorgeous clear and cool waters up to his neck in the pool area. This was late October and it was definitely still hot enough to drop in for a bit. Below pictured is just outside the walls of the Port. It was incredibly beautiful here with unreal waters like you only see in a postcard.

Beautiful Costa Maya Waters Didn't Suck

Thinking of visiting for a #vacation? I would say why not give the area a shot. Thinking of #cruising to the Caribbean and checking it out that way? I can 100% say that I support that idea whole heartedly. Even if you never leave the port, you'll have a great experience and you'll have time to spend on the ship with water slides, unlimited food, and if you spent the cash on the unlimited drink package then you're really going to have a blast. My advice? Make good friends with a few of the heavier handed bartenders early on into your cruise experience. This was the best thing we did the entire time we were away! Speaking of, Romeo and Burton we miss you and while our liver's thank us everyday for putting some time and space between us, we hope our path's cross again!

Welcome to Costa Maya Mexico Didn't Suck

With many of the excursions for #CostaMaya being a bit far from the actual port, we decided to make it a port day and then royally abuse the all inclusive drinks package that we had on the ship. In that sense I am sad to say I cannot (yet) report much else about this area of Mexico but keep your eyes peeled, Chas N' Chuck will let you know very soon how much of Mexico Didn't Suck!

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