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Ben's Chili (Super) Bowl

There’s something to be said for historic eateries. The beautiful mural on the wall outside, the many photos of famous people dining in with the half smokes and cups of chili smiling with the owners, and the clearly heavy traffic in and out of the door. Pretty easy to see why Ben’s Chili Bowl is such a famous spot to grab a bite in the DC area.

Ben’s Chili Bowl sits on “H St NW” in DC if you look at the actual road name, but they have added signs all around the area that tell you that you’re on “Ben’s Chili Bowl Way”. The old school look and feel of this place was right up my alley and we came fresh from the Zoo and hungry! We decided to order the famous half smoke with chili, onions, and mustard as well as a cup of chili and the fried chicken sandwich. We altered the chicken sandwich to more reflect the style of Popeye’s or Chick Fil-A with just mayo and pickles. Figured it would give us a better gauge in the Chicken Wars.

The ambiance here is great. The employees were all jumping around and very friendly. The lady who owns the business was there and we got to chat for a moment, she was very nice. All around you are photos of people who have dined here, signed jerseys of pro athletes, and other nostalgia celebrating the history of the business.

Starting off with the half smoke, this is a killer dog. It’s not even really a dog so much as a sandwich I guess. The feeling was a mix between a smoked sausage and a fried hot dog. It offered an excellent snap and a truly different but delicious flavor. The addition of the mustard and onion is a must for me if you’ve followed any of our other reviews/videos…but how about that chili.

This chili was fantastic. Very smooth consistency and just enough bite that it added to the sandwich without overwhelming it. I love spicy and this level of kick was just enough that it made this a really welcomed accompaniment to the half smoke. The chili cup on it’s own was fantastic as well. We were dipping crackers and chips into it and the crunch and saltiness added to the chili was very enjoyable.

The chicken sandwich was quite good as well. It was a few chicken tenders that they used but they were high quality tenders with very good flavor and no stringy, sinewy type connective tissue parts at all. The flavor of the chicken with the mayo and pickles immediately made this a sandwich I’d put against a Chick Fil-A style establishment.

The Super (Chili) Bowl!

So happy that we took the advice of a few of our followers (as well as my girlfriend’s brother) and stopped in here. Everything was fantastic, the service was high quality, and the prices were reasonable. Looking forward to stopping back in next time we’re in the area.

Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington, DC – Didn’t Suck!

Please check out our video for Ben’s Chili Bowl on TikTok!

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