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Apopka Authentic Mexican!

Chas, our buddy John, and I were doing a BBQ competition in Apopka, Florida and we had been eating BBQ for weeks leading into the event trying to perfect our entries. We could have eaten more BBQ or fired up a grill and cooked nearly anything, but we simply could not bring ourselves to do it. Enter El Brazero. This was a very busy taco truck near the event site, and we simply had to find out why.

I went alone to order lunch and decided to go with a trio of tacos. Went with the Al Pastor, Pollo, and I was very intrigued by the Barbacoa tongue. I had not had tongue in a long time and unless its prepared properly, its trash. The 10 total tacos came to roughly $22 so there was zero complaints on the price. This is authentic Mexican food, not some taco bell value menu.

The order came with a few homemade sauces like Verde and hot sauce wrapped up in plastic wrap like little purses of flavor. They were all very tasty.

The Pollo taco was quite good. Solid seasoned flavor and very juicy. The Al Pastor was as good as any I’ve had in the past. Very good flavor from the pineapple and the guajillo! The Barbacoa though was easily my favorite. They nailed the tongue so well. It was super tender and flavorful. Tongue when done right is almost like eating tenderloin…and this was all right there.

No frills, No problem. Definitely call ahead, especially if you are going around lunch time. There were a ton of people here waiting for orders and they were moving pretty quick in the truck to keep up. No doubt about it though, for Authentic Mexican food at this cost…it is worth the wait.

Mexi-Can I interest you in some delicious food?

They had much more than just tacos here and next time i'm in the area you better believe i'm swinging back through and checking them out again! El Brazero Food Truck in Apopka, Florida – Didn’t Suck!

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