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Knots, Sauces, Cheese - Save Me! Antonio's Pizzeria - Easton, Pennsylvania

Easton, Pennsylvania has begun to truly establish itself as a town known for its eclectic food offerings. With spots nearby such as Bayou (Cajun fare), 3rd and Ferry Fish Market (seafood pairings), Porter’s Pub (gastropub style restaurant), and many more, Easton has become a destination for a good bite and something nice to drink. Enter Antonio’s Pizzeria. Upon first sight this place looks like any pizzeria you would see in nearly any city, now let us check out that second view.

Antonio’s is located on 3rd Street where a good portion of the area’s well known dining sits. What you perhaps do not realize when approaching Antonio’s is that they also operate out of the other half of the building they are set in and offering a nice variety of meals as well as a pretty stout (pun intended) beer collection. Due to Covid-19 restrictions though, today we are only here for some take out. Good friends of ours responded to a social media post we made in which we asked for suggestions on tasty bites we simply could not miss and said that the Garlic Knots at Antonio’s were unrivaled. Well naturally we had to get more than just some garlic knots…let us get right to it!

Firstly, you instantly get the family run business vibe when you walk through the door here. From the sweet older lady who greets you as you enter to the rest of the family who that sweet old lady is almost instantly yelling in the back to in order to complete the orders waiting to go out. The “take-out side” of the restaurant was very clean and had coolers with a lot of the fun varieties of beers and ciders as well as case displaying many different styles of cheesecakes, all of which looked fantastic. My girlfriend does not eat cheesecake so I passed unfortunately, however, when I return to Antonio’s I will be trying one variety of this cheesecake at the very least.

The first item we got to consume is, you guessed it, the famed garlic knots. These were covered with enough garlic butter to give Dracula a heart attack, and I mean that in a good way. If you do not absolutely love garlic, you’ll need to pass on these. The garlic flavor was intense, the dough was that perfect mix of soft and pliable but also had a nice crust to them, and the sauce for dipping was quite good. In my opinion great Italian American food really starts with two things: The bread and the sauce. We are off to a really good start.

Next, we got a Chicken Parmesan Hero to split. First thing I noticed was this sandwich was massive. As you can see in the clip, I can barely get my mouth around it to take a bite. The same sauce from the garlic knots is used here as well as a very generous amount of cheese.

The chicken was very thin which was very exciting to see. The mouth feel and overall texture of thinner chicken breast for a Chicken Parmesan is so appealing. And again, this bread was very good. Fresh, crusty, strong enough to handle the sauce and heavy meat and cheese but also soft and doughy in the center.

For our last item we decided to also split a cheesesteak. I am particular about my cheesesteaks because I have had over 3 dozen cheesesteaks at different locations all through Pennsylvania (not just in Philadelphia). It was pretty dark where we were filming so it was hard to physically see the steak which for me is part of the analysis. I could not tell if the cheese was mixed into the meat or if it was melted on the bun. I have had them all different ways in my life and I assumed (incorrectly) on the video clip that it was melted underneath

but came to find out after a few bites that it was all mixed together with the meat. This was a quality cheesesteak. I hate to beat a dead horse, but this really starts with the bread. The portion was very generous, and the meat was chopped up finely enough that it was easy to chew but not so fine that it was beef dust and cheese on a bun. Uhm, did I mention I have had a lot of cheesesteaks? Honestly, this stood up to a few of the larger names in the Philadelphia area.

After securing another order of garlic knots for our friends who made the suggestion to come here, The total cost was still under $40. I found that to be a good cost vs. quality for the items we got for sure.

Antoni-o boy I can’t wait to go back!

After contacting the owners a couple weeks after we put this content together, we have begun to make plans to visit Antonio’s and have a nice sit down meal and chat a bit with the staff now that the Covid-19 restrictions are a little lighter. This is fantastic news for my stomach, and everyone here seemed so friendly I’m very much looking forward to talking a bit more. Not much of a guessing game on this one folks … Antonio’s Pizzeria - Didn't Suck!

Please check back for our video content when we visit Antonio’s again!

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