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A White Rose By Any Other Name..

We have been told many times now (especially since eating at White Manna) that we had to check out White Rose Hamburgers in Highland Park. This quaint diner style burger place pumps out fast, hot, delicious food 24 hours a day and we want to know why it is so busy and so many people said this is the spot. Time to eat!

white rose hamburgers highland park new jersey double cheeseburger onions pickles ketchup

The employees inside were friendly and helpful. I had a good idea of what my son and I wanted right off the bat anyway, but the man who took the order and the cook were both were nice and courteous. A quick transaction later and we decided to take our food out to one of the outdoor picnic benches. If we hadn’t though, there is a fair amount of seating inside as well all counter top bar style.

We decided to go with a couple double cheeseburgers, mozzarella sticks, and cheese fries. I have to say initially, the food looked excellent. The burgers were large, the mozz sticks had a nice fry to them so they weren’t too dark but not pale looking either, and the fries had a ton of cheese sauce on them.

Starting with the mozzarella sticks, these were very good. They were hot, crispy, and the cheese was really melty and stretched for days. The only thing that could have possibly rounded these out better was a solid marinara for dipping…and that’s exactly what we got. The sauce had a ton of depth and just a really nice sweet to savory ratio. Paired perfectly with the Mozzarella sticks.

white rose hamburgers highland park new jersey mozzarella sticks

The cheese fries were also excellent. The fries were nice and crispy even under the weight of the hefty amount of cheese sauce on them. They definitely stood up to the cheese and the potato flavor was still totally prevalent. My biggest issue with these…was we didn’t have more.

For the burgers I got mine as it comes standard (pickles, fried onions, ketchup) and my son got his as plain cheeseburgers. These patties were flattened out to be wide, but they were in no way lacking in beef. The double burger was more than sufficient to fill anyone’s appetite. I love the flavors of the onions, ketchup, and pickles but I’m sure this was tasty as a plain cheeseburger as well. The meat itself tasted almost similar to white castle but these burgers were far superior in quality. Also they had a nice Jersey Kaiser roll as the bun which is something I’ve loved since my youth.

All in all a great meal at a really solid price. I’d stop back in here any day of the week. Clear cut, White Rose HamburgersDidn’t Suck!

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