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Coming in 1st at 3rd and Ferry Fish Market

Updated: May 14, 2020

In the heart of center city Easton, PA sits 3rd and Ferry fish market. Living somewhat sort of locally, we had heard some chatter about this place and had to give it the ol' test-a-roo!

Seafood Platter 3rd and Ferry Easton Pennsylvania

Easton is known lately as a little hub for good eats. With many food-centric festivals and little eateries with an eclectic variety of cuisine, Easton has become a destination in Northeast Pennsylvania for a bite and some craft brews. Fairly easy to navigate around town and closely set to the Allentown-Bethlehem area of Pennsylvania as well Phillipsburg New Jersey, it makes perfect sense that this town would be set up for success in a people driven market.

Upon arrival the first thing you notice at this corner location, is that the open kitchen layout can be seen from the street. Prior to walking inside you can see the chef's busy operating on the meals for the diners inside. The kitchen is also easily seen from most of the seating

Beer Flight 3rd and Ferry Easton Pennsylvania

within the restaurant. Inside you will see an open design for the seating as well between two floors. Room is fairly dimly lit but there is a fair amount of light from the outside entering all around.

We ordered both a flight of local beer as well as a crab cake bloody mary. The bloody mary had a great flavor and was topped with a crab cake slider and a cooked prawn. You were able to select four beers from a list of roughly ten beers for the flight, and being as how neither Chas nor Chuck enjoy a hoppy IPA style beer, we were able to select four that we would be interested in.

Appetizers were crab in a puff pastry cooked and served almost as escargot in puff would be, and some beer and butter steamed clams. The crab had a good flavor with a lot of butter and garlic, but the puff was a bit more than necessary. It was a lot of dough and we don't feel the crab was a sufficient amount to offset. The clams were very good. The choice of beer for the broth set a nice taste and

Steamed Clams 3rd and Ferry Didn't Suck

contrast to the butter and stock.

For entrees we ordered a seafood platter which had shrimp and scallops with a potato and chorizo hash and beer battered fish and chips. The fish was light and significantly better than most places (especially locally) that you would get a fish and chips. The "chips" were not memorable. The seafood platter was good. The shrimp and scallops were both prepared well and had a nice mouth feel, and the flavors were on point. We also enjoyed

the potato and chorizo hash as a welcomed change in pace from typical side dishes. Really, who doesn't love chorizo!

Nothing smells fishy here..

With many places to choose from in the Easton area it can become a bit daunting deciding what to try and when. If you are looking for a nice seafood meal at a somewhat reasonable cost, we would say to give 3rd and Ferry a shot. Not only do they have their full menu but they also run specials such as "buck a shuck" on Sundays. Fresh fare from the ocean in a nice setting with some good beverages...3rd and Ferry, Didn't Suck!!

Please check out all of our photos from 3rd and Ferry at our gallery!

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